“Eva is still very much in love with Jason” – Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley reveals all about her return

But will Eva and Jason get back together? And will Eva be clashing with fellow barmaid Sarah at the Rovers?

Eva Price blasts back onto the Street next week and wastes no time in making her presence felt.


The Rovers’ barmaid hasn’t been seen on screen since February when she left for France following her split with Jason. But Eva will arrive in Weatherfield with the intention of reuniting with her ex-boyfriend.

“When she was in France visiting her grandmother, Eva got engaged on the rebound to a lovely Frenchman. But her heart just wasn’t in it,” explains Catherine Tyldesley. “She’s still very much in love with Jason. And although she feels embarrassed about having had another failed relationship, she is hoping in her heart of hearts, that she can rekindle something with Jason. And as soon as she sees him, everything comes rushing back to her.”

So is Jason’s recent attack at the hands of Callum and his thugs the reason for her return? “Yes, she obviously doesn’t want to show that this is the case, but it does play a part in her return.”

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 16 September will see Eva rock up at the Rovers, where she soon gets into a spat with Todd, who she lays into for splitting up her and Jason. With drinks soon being thrown, it seems that Eva’s gutsy, scrappy side is going to resurface.

“Yes, she’s had a few drinks on the aeroplane and she soon reverts back to her bolshy, feisty self. We saw a more vulnerable side to Eva just before she left. But she returns with bitchy side on show, which has been nice to play.”

And how does Jason react when he finally lays on her? “They actually bump into each other on the Street and Eva is a little bit drunk and angry. But, for the pair of them, it’s like cupid’s bow reattaching itself to them.

“I would like to see them get back together – they’re a sweet couple, who’ve had their fair amount of tragedy in love, so it would be nice for them finally to have a happy partnership with Jason. Her heart is still with him.”

For Tyldesley, the return to Coronation comes following a period of maternity that saw her give birth to a son, Alfie, back in March. So what has the experience of combining work with motherhood been like?

“I feel really lucky because the studios are only about 10 minutes away from home. So if I’ve got a long lunch or a scene off, I can nip home and get my cuddles. But it’s like I’ve never been away in terms of returning to Corrie. I don’t think I realised quite how much I’d missed it. It’s my second home and it’s been really nice to get stuck back in.”

And the birth of Tyldesley’s son comes amid a real baby boom at Coronation Street with Paula Lane (Kylie) and Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) having both given birth within the last year. So has there been a lot of parenting advice being exchanged behind the scenes?

“Yes, it’s been very reassuring. We can call help each other out with bits of advice. Our boys have all met up a few times, which has been lovely. So when Samia Ghadie (Maria) has her little boy, she can join our clan!”

And as far Eva’s future, is there a desire to get her back working behind the car at the Rovers? And is she likely to clash with Sarah if that proves to be the case? “I don’t think they’ll get on at all. Eva will see Sarah as competition and there could be some really fiery scenes between them.

“But I think the Rovers is the right place for Eva. She’s ideal barmaid fodder – she’s got the feistiness and she uses her sexuality to get what she wants. it’s the ideal environment for Eva, so I’d love to be back in there.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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