Emmerdale: Robert is shot – and Chrissie has her hands on a gun! Louise Marwood interview

"Robert has betrayed Chrissie utterly. He has destroyed her life," says the actress

When conniving Robert Sugden is shot during next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, could his embittered wife Chrissie be the one to have pulled the trigger?


One person who would list her as a prime suspect is Louise Marwood, the actress who plays her. “Robert has betrayed Chrissie utterly. He has destroyed her life,” she says. “She blames him for the helicopter crash and what he made her do. She is a shell of the woman she once was thanks to Robert.”

If you’re looking for motives, then Chrissie certainly isn’t to be found wanting. How about Robert’s affair with Aaron? The faked raid on Home Farm? Or – as Marwood points out – the showdown that resulted in the helicopter catastrophe that claimed the lives of Ruby and Val?

“Well, Robert has lied and betrayed Chrissie so much that she doesn’t know who she is anymore,” adds the actress. “Her whole life feels like a lie.”

Prior to the shooting, Robert will be arrested for the murder of Katie Sugden, only to worm his way out of the accusations thanks to a bit of expert manipulation.

But when Chrissie learns that Robert has been released, she states openly that she now needs to make things right for everyone who has been hurt by her husband. And a gun locked in the safe at Home Farm could, in her eyes, be the answer…

As for how the storyline will play out once Robert has taken a bullet, Marwood teases: “Oh, its super fun. Everybody suspects everybody else, which is lovely to play.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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