Easter 2014: best film on TV today, Easter Saturday

Watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Toy Story 2, Made of Stone, Goon and Trainspotting on Saturday 19 April

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – 2:40pm, ITV


The sequel to The Philosopher’s Stone is darker and more scary, but adventure tinged with danger has always been attractive to children. Predatory spiders lurk in the Forbidden Forest and there’s mandrake root with an ear-splitting scream.

Toy Story 2 – 8:20pm, BBC3

Buzz Lightyear’s bid to rescue Woody the cowboy from the clutches of a sleazy toy collector will keep the youngsters on the edge of their seats. However, it’s the little touches that will delight the grown-ups, most notably the in-jokes at the expense of Star Wars, and the charming re-creation of a 1950s TV puppet show.

Made of Stone – 10:50pm, Channel 4

Shadowing the Stone Roses on the road to triumphant shows at Greater Manchester’s Heaton Park–via rehearsals, a joyous secret gig in Warrington and some bumpy European warm-ups–Shane Meadows gains access-all-areas, his camera permanently skulking. 

Goon – 10:50pm, Film4

Seann William Scott plays Doug, a likeable bar bouncer whose fight skills land him the job of “enforcer” with the local ice-hockey team. Doug can barely skate. But that’s of little consequence in this knockabout yarn. Scott has matured as an actor since playing the sex-obsessed Stifler in the American Pie series and he’s very likeable here.

Trainspotting – 12:50am, Channel 4

Irvine Welsh’s controversial bestseller is brought to the screen as a dazzling assault on the senses. This hard-hitting shocker from director Danny Boyle focuses on the disintegrating friendship of four Edinburgh lads as they embark on an endless drugs and petty-crime bender.