Doctor Who encyclopedia launched as iPad app

A who's who, where and when of the Doctor's new adventures, including 11 interactive "portals"

Where did the Cybermen come from? If this question and others like it have plagued you every time you sit down to watch our beloved Time Lord, then the answers are now within your grasp. And they come in suitably space-aged format. 


Digital agency Brandwidth, in partnership with BBC Books, have announced the Doctor Who Encyclopedia iPad app to satisfy all your Saturday night curiosities. 

It will allow fans to access a vast database of over 3,000 entries written by former Doctor Who script editor Gary Russell. Fans will be able to scroll through to find out exactly what the Doctor got up to in each episode, who (or what) he did it with, where (or when) in the universe he did it and exactly how and why he did it.

The app also contains 11 portals – interactive entries for some of the major characters. The Doctor’s portal uses the rather sci-fi-sounding parallax technology, allowing users to move their iPad to scroll through a 3D environment.

Albert DePetrillo, senior editorial director at BBC Books, said the app offers fans a stunning variety of intuitive ways to use it, adding that: “In its simple and intuitive design, as well as its intelligent and elegant execution, the digital Encyclopedia is pure Doctor Who.”

The app covers all information relating to episodes made since the show’s regeneration in 2005, so the secrets of Tom Baker’s scarf may never be fully known.

The contents regarding the 11th Doctor will cost £4.99 and if you want to expand your collection with the 9th and 10th Doctors’ content packages, each of these will cost the same again.


But for those fans who prefer good old-fashioned ink and paper encyclopedias, the original hardcover is still available for £25.