Coronation Street: Zeedan to push Jason from the balcony at the builders’ yard?

Alya races to stop her brother from taking drastic action in an upcoming episode

An angry Zeedan Nazir will punch Jason Grimshaw and threaten to push him over the balcony of the builders’ yard.


Dramatic scenes will see Zeedan lose his temper after news of Jason’s one-night stand with Alya breaks. A showdown  at the yard will see Zeedan suggest that it was Jason’s fault that Alya had sex with him.

But when Jason points out that it was what Alya wanted, Zeedan sees red and hits Jason before threatening to tip him over the edge.

Spotting the confrontation, Alya and Eileen rush to Jason’s rescue – but can they get to him in time?

“Jason’s still recovering from his injuries after he got battered by Callum, so he’s got a weak spot. And he does take a bit of a tumble,” reveals Sair Khan, who plays Alya. “But, luckily, Alya catches things at the right moment and that’s when she really has to ‘fess up.”

Alya assures Zeedan that she instigated sex with Jason and it wasn’t his fault. As a result, Zeedan lets go of Jason, and turns his anger on Ayla, disgusted by her behaviour. 

But surely, Alya is now being massively punished for one moment of madness that happened while she was grieving for her late dad, who had just burned to death in the Victoria Court fire?

“I have bucketloads of sympathy for Alya,” agrees Khan. “People deal with that kind of life trauma in so many different ways. For me, it wasn’t a malicious thing that she did. She didn’t set out to hurt anyone. She just didn’t know how to cope with the situation. It was a terrible mistake. And she’s punished herself enough.” 

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