Coronation Street: will Sally discover Anna’s big secret? Watch the full scene

Are Kevin and Anna about to be caught out by a snooping Sal?


Nosy Sally Webster will try to catch neighbour Anna Windass with her new man, little realising that the fella in question is actually Kevin!


Friday’s episode of Corire will see Sally find an excuse to call round with Faye in tow, just so that she can catch a glimpse of Anna’s hot date.

Cue some quick footwork from Anna as she tries to keep Kevin from view. Says actress Debbie Rush of the upcoming scene.

“Faye’s staying at Tim and Sally’s, while Anna has her secret rendezvous. But then Sally makes an excuse up to go round with Faye to get a DVD. They end up letting themselves in and very nearly catching Sally and Kevin in the act.

They’re in the middle of another big snogging session when Anna hears them on the stairs, so she hides Kevin in the bedroom. Sally turns into Miss Marple – she knows somebody is in the flat but she hasn’t got a clue it’s Kevin, which is quite funny. Anna loves the fact it’s Kevin hiding in the bedroom from Sally and not a stranger!”

You can watch the scene from Friday’s episode below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama.


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