Coronation Street: vicar Billy reveals bombshell secret to Todd – “He’s guilt ridden,” says Daniel Brocklebank

Newcomer Lee is actually Billy's drug-addicted brother!


Billy Mayhew will reveal that newcomer Lee is actually his heroin-addicted brother.


Billy will be seen taking Todd into his confidence when Lee is caught trying to steal money from both the Rovers Return and Preston’s Petals.

“Billy is worried about Lee. He feels he could have done more to help him,” says actor Daniel Brocklebank. “He’s ashamed of their background, which was less than idyllic, and of how Lee’s ended up. But he’s also ashamed of himself because he didn’t find the answers.”

As Billy explains, Lee has turned to drugs following the death of their parents, a fact that the local vicar is keen to keep quiet. But Todd will be seen saying that keeping the situation hushed up will only arouse the suspicions of an already wary Sean.

“This secret will affect Billy and Sean. Because it goes against everything Billy stands for as a vicar and as a person,” adds the actor. “To be duplicitous is not his way of doing things. But I hope we’re reminding everyone that vicars can mess up just like anyone else. Billy is just a person and therefore capable of making mistakes as well.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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