Coronation Street star Kate Ford reveals why playing Tracy Barlow has cost her Twitter followers

The actress also discusses her most embarrassing Corrie moment and whether her character really has a softer side

It’s been a busy month for Tracy Barlow, what with the return of ex-husband Robert Preston and the death of beloved mum Deirdre. But how does actress Kate Ford like to relax once she leaves Corrie behind at the end of the day? Here, she reveals her TV likes and dislikes, what she watches with son Ollie – and how the fans really react on Twitter to Tracy’s scheming…


So, Kate, what’s your must-see TV?
I’m obsessed with Bates Motel. I love it. It has a Twin Peaks atmosphere – everything appears to be normal but it has this undercurrent of things being off-kilter. It’s beautifully shot and performed too. I’d love to be in it and play a goodie for a change

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Homes under the Hammer. On a rare day off, I like to lie in bed at ten o’clock in the morning with a coffee watching that. It’s a treat.

Who was your first TV crush?
This is going to sound really strange, but Hannibal Smith [George Peppard] in The A-Team. I really fancied him and I must have only been about ten. Every time he came on screen, my stomach used to turn over! I thought he was gorgeous.

What do you watch with your son, Otis?
It always used to be Peppa Pig, but he’s outgrown that. He doesn’t tend to bother with TV any more – he likes to watch clips of the game Minecraft on YouTube

What makes you switch off?
I have no interest in watching Big Brother. It’s very unlikely that I’d do a reality TV show. It’s not me. And I don’t see the point in a show like Big Brother. It feels like people just go on there to become a celebrity. 

Which TV shows make you cry?
One Born Every Minute makes me cry every time. Every time a baby comes out, I start crying. And I can’t watch 24 Hours in A&E because it’s just too sad. My friend’s children were on it once and my own son said, “They’re now the most famous people I know.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve had to do while playing Tracy on Corrie?
When Tracy gave birth, I ended up having to do the labour noises in post-production. That was very embarrassing. You make noises like that in isolation and it sounds like you’re having sex. And I had to do the moans in front of an all-male crew. They just put a mic over you and say, “Right, go! Do birthing sounds!” 

What reaction did you get from Corrie after Tracy caused the recent fire at Victoria Court?
I lost about 2,000 followers on Twitter after that episode aired! Even die-hard Tracy fans were really shocked by it. I was getting tweets from people saying, “I’m still going to love you, but I’m really upset by what she’s done.”

Would you like to see her become a reformed character?
I think she’s a lot more humble these days. Because she feels a sense of loss about Rob and now Deirdre, she is going to show a kinder, more human side. If it’s all on one level then she doesn’t feel like a rounded character. I like to find those moments.

How was it filming Deirdre’s funeral?
It was hard. I’m glad it’s done, I just want to move on from it now. Those scenes were really difficult, as you can imagine. 

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