Coronation Street spoilers: It would a nightmare for Peter if Tina got pregnant, says Chris Gascoyne

"He’s in the here and now – future consequences aren’t crossing his mind," says the actor

Peter Barlow and Tina McIntyre continue to see each other in secret next week, but are they both getting out of their depth? When Tina (Michelle Keegan) is almost caught out, the pair begin to wonder just how long they can keep up their lies. Actor Chris Gascoyne, who plays compulsive cheater Peter, takes us through the latest developments:


Does Peter wish he could stay away from Tina?
I really think he does but he’s weak when it comes to Tina. He loves Carla, he doesn’t want to hurt her, and he definitely doesn’t want to lose her but he’s not able to give Tina up.

What are his feelings when he hears she’s planning to leave for good? Does it make him realise that he wants her to stay?
He’s guilty that Tina feels she has to move because of him and he doesn’t want that. He wants her to stay – not because he wants to be with her, but he does like having her as his mistress. He doesn’t want anything more serious. He loves Carla and he wouldn’t leave her for Tina.

When she agrees to stay, is that the start of the affair proper?
Their affair certainly heats up at this point. He even hands Tina a set of keys to his flat and tells her they’ll have plenty of time together with Carla being in Paris all week.

So what happens on Valentine’s night when Tina and Peter plan to meet?
Peter arranges to spend the night with Tina once Carla’s on her way to Paris but Carla has other plans and decides to fly him out to Paris as a surprise for Valentine’s Day. He’s stunned and gutted when she tells him as he was really looking forward to having Tina to himself but as he packs for Paris, Tina arrives on the doorstep and tells him she wants him. They sleep together and then Peter sets off to Paris to spend the evening with his wife.

Doesn’t he feel guilty about having sex with Tina and then leaving for Paris to see Carla?
He feels like the cat that’s got the cream. He has a beautiful wife and a beautiful mistress. He’s on his way to Paris to spend the night with his wife and he’s just slept with Tina. He must feel guilty but he also can’t help himself.

And then when he gets back from Paris, he jumps back into bed with Tina…
His lust for Tina just takes over. He wants her – nothing else at that time crosses his mind. He arrives home and heads straight round to Tina’s and arranges to meet up with her.

Is this the ideal situation then for Peter – having both a wife and a mistress?
Right now I think it is. He really likes Tina and he wants her but he loves Carla and doesn’t want to lose her. As long as nobody finds out then nobody gets hurt.

Having said that, Tina and Peter are almost caught when Steve lets himself into the flat having seen a light. Is it inevitable that the affair will come to light?
Peter’s caught up in the moment and he’s having an affair, he’s not thinking about the effects it could have. He’s in the here and now – future consequences aren’t crossing his mind.

Why does he offer to help Tina with her rent? Does he do it because he wants her to be beholden to him?
No, I don’t think he does, but he is worried when Tina tells him it won’t be so easy to meet up in future as she may be forced to get a lodger. He offers to help because he doesn’t want it to be any harder for them to see each other, but Tina’s not pleased and tells him she’s not a tart that can be bought.


And what if Tina were to get pregnant?
That would be a nightmare for Peter. He wants to spend his life with Carla not Tina.