Coronation Street spoilers: Carla testifies at Peter’s trial – watch the scene

Peter's estranged wife offers details of his affair with Tina in scenes to be shown on Wednesday

Carla Barlow is to to give dramatic testimony at the trial of Peter Barlow in scenes to be shown later this week.


In the episode set to air on Wednesday 15 October, Carla (Alison King) takes the stand and tells the court about the night Peter told her he was having an affair with Tina, explaining that the affair started on their wedding night.

A nervous Peter (Chris Gascoyne) can tell that it isn’t going well as he watches the reactions of the jurors.

Speaking about Peter’s trial, actor Chris Gascoyne commented recently: “Lots of different things come up against him. His dirty laundry is aired in public and there is a lot of laundry. It’s horrible for him. Also, people who he thought would provide support end up turning against him.”


You can watch Carla’s courtroom drama below: