Coronation Street: Sarah dumps Callum after Max gets his hands on a gun, Tina O’Brien reveals

"She’s absolutely in shock, it’s really scary", the actress says

For weeks she’s turned a blind eye to his nefarious dealings, unaware that he’s been using daughter Bethany as a drugs mule, but Sarah Platt finally sees the truth about Coronation Street bad boy Callum when young Max finds a gun hidden in his bedroom.


The trouble begins when Sarah is babysitting her nephew at Callum’s flat and his pal, Gemma, comes knocking. She’s bruised and bloodied, having been roughed up on the job, and is determined to wait in the flat for Callum to come back – much to Sarah’s dismay.

“She’s absolutely in shock, it’s really scary” says Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah. “Gemma has got blood all over her face and wants to get inside the flat. It slowly dawns on Sarah that this is the world that Callum lives in, and Gemma openly admits that stuff like this does happen. I don’t think it’s what Sarah wants to see or realise.”

Sarah sends Max to his bedroom to try and shield the youngster from the reality of his dad’s world, not realising what Callum has carefully concealed in his own son’s so-called safe space.

With Max apparently out of harm’s way, she goes on to have words with Gemma, who reveals some secrets about Bethany and Callum that Sarah isn’t expecting.

“Gemma says she’s a really good friend of Callum’s, always covering up for him, even covering up the stuff with Bethany” O’Brien explains. “Sarah asks Gemma what she means, she’s completely in the dark and doesn’t know what’s going on. Gemma realises she’s said too much, and she tries to cover it up.”

The pair are almost at each others’ throats when Callum bursts in, but before Sarah can get to the bottom of what’s been going on with Bethany, young Max emerges from his room holding a gun in scenes due to be broadcast on Monday August 3rd.

“For a couple of seconds Sarah thinks it’s a toy gun, but when she sees Callum’s reaction and the look on his face she knows it’s a real gun” says O’Brien. “Sarah is really scared. Obviously we all knew it wasn’t a real gun when we were filming, but I still didn’t like it. I can only begin to imagine how terrifying it would be if someone was really pointing a gun at you.”

As for Callum? Well, Weatherfield’s resident wrong’un doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. And why would he with his track record?

“He accuses Sarah of being over dramatic”, O’Brien explains. “Sarah is very dumfounded as to why Callum is so blasé, but it makes her realise that this is normal to Callum. It’s a big realisation for Sarah. She says to Callum, “This might be the world you live in, but it’s not mine.'”

It’s a big moment for Sarah who, despite her friends and family’s warnings, has actually fallen head over heels for him. “Callum has this nice side that he shows her” the actress explains. “Sarah thinks that other people who say he’s got this dark side are lying. Unfortunately when the reality shows itself Sarah thinks what have I got involved in?”

The thought that he’d put a child in danger is the last straw so Sarah promptly dumps him, but she’s not expecting the reaction she gets. Callum’s not long telling her he’s been using her to get back at David, and quickly pulls out some incriminating photos of Bethany that put Sarah in a very difficult position.

Can she tell her family what’s been happening without hurting her daughter? And have her troubles with Callum only just begun?

“Callum is very controlling, and Sarah decides not to say anything because she doesn’t want anything to happen to Bethany”, O’Brien reveals. “Sarah will continue to feel torn with the situation, and she will start to see more and more of Callum’s dark side.”

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