Coronation Street next week: Nick has a meltdown, Jason hooks up with Gemma – and will Steve get the truth from Michelle?

2-6 May 2016: Plus, will Todd get the better of Phelan?


1. Steve and Michelle reignite their passion


Steve has noticed that Michelle has been distant since his return and – on Amy’s advice – decides to give her a night to remember. After Steve leaves her a note telling Michelle to treat herself to a new dress because he’s planning on cooking her a romantic meal, Carla takes her shopping and tells her to forget about the kiss she shared with Will. Over dinner, Michelle admits to Steve how much she missed him while he was in Spain and how hurt she was by his lack of enthusiasm about coming home. Steve assures her that she’s everything to him and they kiss. But can Michelle put her flirtations with Will behind her?

2. Sarah’s paranoia becomes a cause for concern

Seeing Sarah looking stressed, Kylie wonders whether she’s OK. But Sarah snaps at her and says she’s sick of the constant interrogation. A worried Sarah then takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her that she’s got a healthy baby and that there’s nothing to worry about. But by Friday, a jittery Sarah is telling Kylie she reckons Harry can sense his dead father’s presence in the house and that she has to move away.

3. Nick has another meltdown

Carla is left horrified when Nick accidentally pours boiling water on his hand while making a cup of tea and hurls the mug at the wall. And worse is to come later when an under-pressure Nick finds himself out of his depth while looking after baby Harry. As Harry screams, Nick panics – and when Sarah arrives home, she’s left with little doubt that her brother is unable to cope…

4. Jason seeks solace with Gemma

A grieving Jason has one drink too many and makes an awkward pass at Eva, who promptly turns him down. Following the knock back, Jason then switches his attention to Gemma, who’s thrilled and readily follows him home!

5. Todd thinks he has Phelan bang to rights

Jason insists that Tony’s stolen possessions should go to charity, but Phelan secretly phones a mate and flogs the gear for £3,000. Little does he know, though, that Todd has secretly filmed the deal on his phone! After Todd returns home and shows the footage to Eileen and Billy, shady Phelan is left trying to wriggle his way of the situation.

6. Sophie is suspicious of Caz

At the cafe, Sophie bumps into Caz, who is left yelping and claiming that she caught her injured ankle. Sophie’s incensed and confides in Kevin she never touched Caz’s ankle. So is Caz playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate? Later in the week, Kate will be seen demanding to know why Caz is being so secretive about her injury, all of which leads to Caz eventually cornering Sophie in the Rovers and imploring her not to mess up her relationship.

7. Zeedan and Rana reunite

Fed up with being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the Bistro kitchen, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him. After assuring him that she only flirted with other men to make him jealous, a flattered Zeedan softens towards Rana. Is their relationship back on?

8. What is Billy hiding?

Billy is appalled to find Lee begging money from Steve and makes out that he’s a troublemaker from the homeless shelter. When Sean later raises the prospect of a holiday, Billy explains that he can’t go away as there’s a parishioner who needs his help. Hurt and angry, Sean storms off telling Billy that he’d rather be on his own. Just what is Billy covering up?

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