Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan – “Tina’s personality has changed”

On the topic of her character's upcoming murder, the actress adds: "It's daunting because it means I won't be able to come back"

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has been discussing how she feels about her character Tina McIntyre’s affair with Peter Barlow.


“I read the scripts and think ‘Stop!'” said the actress. “The worst thing for me is that Tina and Carla are friends and I don’t think she’d ever do that to her. Tina’s personality has changed and I think it’s because of everything that’s happened to her recently.”

In recent months, Tina has been seen embarking on an illicit relationship with the married Peter. But viewers shouldn’t expect the affair to last too long: Keegan, 26, has just four weeks of filming left on the ITV soap with Tina set to meet a gruesome end when she’s bumped off.

“For me, it’s daunting because it means I won’t be able to come back,” she told TV Times. “I also feel sorry for Tina. She hasn’t had a good life. She lost her dad, her boyfriends have cheated on her and she’s going to have a bad exit. The only good thing about her death is that the affair will end.”

On the topic of her upcoming departure, she added: “It’s going far too quickly for my liking. I think leaving is going to be really emotional.”


Keegan confirmed back in November 2013 that Tina would be murdered, although she did reveal that the character was originally not destined to meet her maker: “She’s getting killed. At first she wasn’t and then they came up with a really good storyline that involves a lot of characters on the street and it’s going to be a big storyline. So, in a way, it’s an honour and I’m very excited for it.”