Coronation Street: Kylie is back – and star Paula Lane reveals where she’s been hiding

David's missing wife will be back in Weatherfield next week

Viewers are to get their first glimpse of Kylie Platt since Christmas when she resurfaces in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street.


“Kylie’s been staying with her friend Gemma, who’s now become sick of putting her up on a couch,” says actress Paula Lane, who will be back on the ITV soap following her recent maternity leave. “Kylie says she wants to go, but she’s frightened about it She’s been aware that David’s been looking for her for a long time now and she will eventually pluck up the courage to head back to the Street.”

Scenes to be broadcast on Wednesday 3 June will see David (Jack P Shepherd) go in search of Kylie once again when he becomes increasingly agitated that he’ll lose custody of young Max. When he turns up at Gemma’s house, she claims not to have seen Kylie. But David’s errant wife is actually hiding away inside.

“She’s now clean from drugs and has been for three months,” explains Lane. “But she certainly hasn’t been aware that Callum has been around – he’s definitely got his feet well and truly under the table, hasn’t he? However, as soon as she hears that Callum is on warpath, she becomes determined to fight. She’s thinking, ‘you’re not getting my children!'”

Lane herself gave birth to a baby boy back on New Year’s Eve, while the character of Kylie hasn’t been seen since David turfed her out of the house on Christmas Day. But with Kylie now set to be back in the thick of the action, does Lane feel like she’s never been away?

“Kind of, yes. It was only a four-month gap. But it was a nice enough amount of time, to be honest. Not too long for me to get too used to being at home. I just about the skills left to learn a script.” Has motherhood changed her? “I guess it has. I’m much happier. You have to be chilled because otherwise you drive yourself round the bend. But I do feel like I’ve changed quite a lot – being a mum is like the ultimate role.”

And how does she now feel about the character of Kylie, who has a decidedly patchy track record when it comes to parenting her kids? “Well, we all come from paths of life. Kylie’s obviously come from quite a troubled background. I haven’t, so I can’t really judge. We’re all dealt different cards aren’t we? I have to be kind to her – although she does test me a lot.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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