Coronation Street: Kate Connor will get “cold feet” about her wedding to Caz, says Faye Brookes

"With any relationship that's long distance, it’s going to be difficult," adds the Corrie star

Kate Connor looks set to have doubts about her upcoming wedding to girlfriend Caz.


Actress Rhea Bailey will debut in Weathefield next week, with her character – soldier Caz – announcing that she and Kate will get married next April. But Kate doesn’t seem as keen on getting wed to her fiancee.

“I think she’s getting cold feet,” says actress Faye Brookes. “I think she’s passive. She knows her dad really wants this wedding to happen. And because Kate is such a daddy’s girl, then she wants to make him happy.”

Upcoming episodes will see Kate admit to Michelle that – although she loves Caz – their relationship can be very intense because they spend so little time together.

Adds Brookes in an interview with ITV: “With any relationship that’s long distance, it’s going to be difficult. They have an intense relationship when they see each other because they don’t know when they’ll get time together again!

“They’ve been together seven months and they’re already engaged. Kate is very wary of being under the thumb or being controlled in any way – she likes to have her own mind.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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