Coronation Street: Izzy is attacked by a violent drug dealer

Izzy's need to find cannabis ends in a frightening ordeal


A desperate Izzy Armstong is to find herself at the mercy of a dangerous drug dealer after her need to find cannabis takes her to a pub on the wrong side of town.


The showdown comes after Erica tells Izzy that she’s unable to source any more of the cannabis that she’s currently using for pain relief.

With her supply cut off, Erica points Izzy in the direction of a grotty pub where she knows she can get some dope. But after getting her hands on the drugs, Izzy is mortified to find that she’s actually been duped into buying oregano.

The next day, Izzy throws a sickie and returns to the dodgy dive to confront the lad who made the sale. Fighting back the pain, Izzy begs him to give her the cannabis she paid for.

When he refuses, Izzy threatens to call the police, but the lad knocks her phone out of her hand and then makes a grab for her bag. Just how much danger is in Izzy in? And will this be the wake-up call that she needs?

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