Coronation Street: Callum “will get his comeuppance” when Tony seeks revenge, says Sean Ward

"Tony throws Callum around the ginnel like a rag doll," reveals the actor

Callum Logan is to face Street justice at the hands of Tony Stewart after the no-good drug dealer puts Jason Grimshaw on the critical list.


“Callum will get his comeuppance for putting Jason in hospital. It’s what everyone has been waiting for and it had to come from someone with sheer power who could realistically scare Callum. I don’t think it could have been David,” says actor Sean Ward.

Tony will be seen seeking revenge on Callum after learning that Jason may need a kidney transplant following his beating. “Jason tells his dad that he thinks it was Callum who beat him up. And because Tony feels as though he’s not been there enough for Jason, he takes the opportunity to stand up for his son.”

Scenes to be shown on Friday 28 August will see Tony grab Callum and drag him to the ginnel behind the Rovers Return, the very same location where Jason was set upon and left for dead.

“Tony throws Callum around the ginnel like a rag doll,” continues Ward. “You see a side of Callum that you haven’t witnessed before – he’s still a kid and as soon as he meets someone who can actually challenge his bravado, he retreats back into being that kid. Tony has life experience – a lot more than Callum.”

So is Callum genuinely scared about what might happen to him? “Extremely scared. Callum doesn’t know how far Tony’s going to go. And I think that Tony has to exercise some restraint to not put Callum in the same place that Callum put Jason! In that moment, Callum is shocked and cowering – there’s no element of bravado or cockiness.”

Behind the scenes, Ward and his co-star Terence Maynard were keen to ensure that the showdown was as fierce as possible. After all, Corrie fans have been waiting a long while to see Callum get his just desserts. “After we’d finished filming, both myself and Terence felt that we’d cranked it up because we wanted it to be really intense and dramatic.

“I think Callum deserves a good slap! But the end of it, I wanted the audience to almost feel sorry for Callum and for him to be seen as a cowering little kid.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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