Coronation Street: Audrey to be attacked by Callum’s thugs, says Sean Ward

The salon is trashed as Callum turns the screw on the Platts

Drug dealer Callum Logan is no stranger to heinous acts, but he’s about to sink lower than you ever thought imaginable. Not content with making Gail’s life a misery, he’s now set to put the frighteners on Audrey Roberts. That’s Coronation Street royalty you’re messing with there, sunshine!


The shock scenes come as Callum ups the ante in his plan to get £20,000 out of David and Kylie. With the Platts refusing to pay up, Callum decides to start menacing their extended family, hence the heavies targeting the salon owner. Callum certainly has no qualms about playing dirty with long-standing Corrie characters, but does actor Sean Ward feel daunted about taking on such Street legends as Gail and Audrey?

“Totally. They’re the icons. And having the writers choose me to take them on is a massive honour. Luckily Callum doesn’t do any of the dirty work – he gets everyone else to do it. He just sits back and watch it.”

The harassment of Audrey is merely the start of what turns out to be a completely traumatising week for the Platts. Following the trashing of the salon, Callum later slips into No 8 and starts hassling Kylie for the cash he needs. Gail sees red and chases Callum out of the house, only for David to spot the commotion and come running over in order to tussle with him.

Young Max will be then seen screaming that he hates Callum, just as his dad makes a grab for him. But Max evades his clutches and ends up running straight into the path of Nick’s car.

“In the wake of this, Callum is pushed to the side again as the Platts turn against him. He’s just the black sheep on the outskirts, who caused all this trouble without actually meaning to,” continues Ward. “He does care about Max and wants to help, but they won’t let him. Callum regrets that.”

From what Ward says, it sounds as though he has sympathy for this character who has raised hell and caused nothing but misery since he arrived less than a year ago. Is that the case? “Yeah. I don’t know what’s happened to him, in terms of mental stability, but I think it comes down to boredom. There are so many young lads out there without employment and opportunity. And they do end up going down these roads and finding it fun to cause other people trouble.”

But surely Callum has to get his comeuppance at some point? “Every villain does. It will eventually catch up with him. But how he uses that to his advantage is quite interesting.” It seems that the Platts should be looking over their shoulders for a while yet…

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