Cluedo or Cluedon’t – the case of the disappearing Sherlock board game

If the clues are accurate, a return for Moriarty could be on the cards - only for him to get bumped off again

Here’s a bit of a mystery: sightings of a Sherlock edition of Cluedo – the sleuthing boardgame – on websites ranging from Amazon to Forbidden Planet, followed by its disappearance from the latter site and a statement from a BBC source suggesting it may never become a reality.


“We can’t confirm this is going ahead,” the source told “and you definitely won’t be able to pre-order it.”

Although “temporarily out of stock” on Amazon, the item is still listed for £29.99, hmm?

What’s behind the confusion we may never know, but it would seem a shame if the game didn’t materialise – Sherlock and Cluedo seem like such a perfect fit.

Assuming that it does go ahead, though, what might we expect?

One description accompanying the game suggests that everyone’s favourite consultant criminal Moriarty will end up as a victim of crime himself.

“Who killed Moriarty?” it asks. “Was it Mrs Hudson, in the Tower of London with the Wrench, or Irene Adler, in 221B, with a Candlestick? You’ll need all your wits about you to find out!”

Now, Sherlock fans will think they already have a pretty good idea who killed Moriarty – after all, we saw Sherlock’s nemesis turn the gun on himself and pull the trigger at the end of The Reichenbach Fall, right?

But it wouldn’t make for much of a game of Cluedo if you already knew whodunnit – so perhaps reports of Moriarty’s death have been greatly exaggerated…


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