Christmas 2013: Stuck for a last minute stocking filler for your kids? Read on….

Stuck for inspiration for your little ones? Then look no further than this guide for fabulous last minute stocking fillers

Our list of the top 20 imaginative stocking fillers for children this Christmas is here. Roll up, roll up…


Space Cookie Cutters

For those long rainy afternoons when cooking with your kids turns a miserable day into a joyous one – why not try these Space Cookie Cutters from The Great Gift Company.  There are four different Space Ships to collect – Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy. Each pack includes cutters for the parts required to bake a deep space explorer. Costs just £7.


For just £9.99 you can get the little girl in your life (who has horses in her heart) this sweet and colourful pony set Misty’n’Molly. Likes: Horses and sleepovers. Dislikes: mucking out stables.

Born Gifted Knitted Snowman

For the ethcally minded little person in your life, this lovely Fair Trade Knitted Snowman by Danish whizzes En Gry & Sif, available from Born Gifted, is a charming stocking filler, all for £14.99.

Retro Sweets

Forget the usual Corner Shop fare. These old favourite classic sweets need no introduction and they come with other flavours (who can resist a Sherbert Lemon?) and in a fetching jar courtesy of Ellie Ellie on which you can have your child’s name printed. Priced £9.50

Ochre and Ocre Pinny

Want something to protect your child when you get them cooking? Wanting to incentivise them to cook in the first place? If so you couldn’t go far wrong with this Organic Childrens Apron from Ochre & Ocre priced at a very reasonable £13. Just like an adult pinny it has adjustable neck straps, long ties and a handy front pocket – but all in a smaller size.

Push & Go Joey JCB Digger

Well all remember what it was like to get out in the garden with a digger. So this needs no introduction or evangelising. And adults may even like it. Ladies and gentlemen your very own mini JCB digger. Just push it….and watch it go. Available from stockists including Amazon for a very reasonable £9.99 it is ideal for kids aged one to…well adulthood really.

Pointless game

Love the TV show Pointless? Want to be Alexander Armstrong? Then you will love this travel-sized way to play the game with your friends. RRP £7.99 and available from Amazon.

Winnie the Pooh Bath Squirter

One of the cheapest gifts but also one of the most fun – a Winnie the Pooh bath squirter from TOMY. Also comes in Eeyore shaped squirtiness and priced at a very reasonable £3.99. Adults: best wear a mac at bathtime.

SIGG Bottles

SIGG is not just any drinks bottle. Made in Switzerland, they are sustainable and made from single piece of aluminium.They are leak-proof and can take quite a beating, even a tumble and knock will not affect its quality use. They come in a fetching array of Star Wrs motifs – by favourite being Yoda. Price £17.99.

Who Shook Hook? The Boardgame

If your littlun is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates – and if you have Disney Channel the chances are they will be –be – then watch their eyes light up as they unwrap this Jake board game, Who Shook Hook? RRP £12.99 with stockists including Amazon and Waterstones.

Dennis the Menace Joke Kit

Are you brave enough to allow your little terror loose with this – a Dennis the Menace Joke Kit? Of course you are! This value for money bag of naughtiness is perfect for little Menaces and comes with a bandaged finger, goofy teeth, ice cube with insect, squirt gum, whoopee cushion and squirt rose flower.  For ages 3 and over and costs just £9.99. Go on dare you.

Sofia and Minimus

If your little girl is a fan of Disney’s TV show Sofia the First she will go potty if you get her this. Sofia…and a horse? It’s what Christmas dreams are made of. Costs £15.99, it’s made by Mattell, and is available in all good stores.

Build a Bear Workshop

It does exactly what it says on the rather tasteful box it comes in and you can end up with something like this lovely Snowman – or whatever you choose.

Umbra Little Black Dress Organiser

One for the olders ones who will be able to store all – and we mean ALL – their jewellery with the Umbra Little Black Dress Organiser. Features 39 clear pockets on the front for bracelets, bangles and rings and 24 hook and loop tabs on the back for necklaces and other danglies – and all for a mere £24.

Daisy Fun Pack

For a more wholesome treat, look no further than Bigjigs, creator of this rather awaesome Daisy Fun Pack. We all know how kids can often prefer the simpler things at Christmas (ahem!) and this traditional offering will keep them occupied for a long time.

Lottie Dolls

These Lottie dolls look pretty snazzy. For children aged 3 to 9, they come  with outfit and accessory sets available for pursuits such as horse riding, football, body boarding and gymnastics.  My favourite is this pirate doll. The Dolls come in at £16.99  with the outfits & Accessory Sets at £7.99

Neon Dots Micro Safety Helmet


Something that will keep your child safe and looks pretty damn cool. No self respecting small person will want to be without this snazzy Neon Dots Micro Safety Helmet when out and about on a Scooter or bike this Yuletide. Costs £19.95.