Christmas 2013: best TV on today, Monday 30 December

Watch Gok Does Panto, Jamie's Festive Feast, Sacred Wonders of Britain, The Thirteenth Tale, Mrs Brown's Boys and Twit of the Year

Gok Does Panto – 7:05pm, Channel 4


A bit of frivolous fun as the fashion expert turned panto star has just three weeks to prepare for the fulfilment of a life-long dream of becoming a stage star. Along with fellow cast members Stephanie Beacham, John Partridge and Gary Wilmot, Gok must learn to sing and master the art of flying before the opening night of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Birmingham Hippodrome. 

Jamie’s Festive Feast – 8:00pm, Channel 4

To mark the end of 2013, the TV chef cooks up some of his favourite wintery foods, including oozy cheesy pasta, bloody mary beef, breakfast waffles with hot chocolate and fiesta tacos. All perfect dishes designed for those sluggish post-Christmas days dominated by leftovers and hangovers. 

Sacred Wonders of Britain – 8:30pm, BBC2

Presenter Neil Oliver visits some of the earliest sacred sites in Britain, beginning by examining the very first stirrings of religion in Nottinghamshire where Creswell Crags reveals the clues to a world of magic and ritual etched into the rock by Ice Age hunters. Meanwhile, at Grime’s Graves in Norfolk, Neil and his guide squeeze through claustrophobic tunnels where they come across tools that haven’t surfaced in 5,000 years. 

The Thirteenth Tale – 9:30pm, BBC2

Olivia Colman caps off a stellar 2013 with this eerie, gothic story of loss and destructive jealously. She plays Margaret, a writer summoned by dying author Vida Winter (Vanessa Redgrave) to pen her biography. Both actresses deliver mesmerising performances as Vida unearths childhood ghosts and horrors to an increasingly appalled Margaret. 

Mrs Brown’s Boys – 9:30pm, BBC1

Brendan O’Carroll’s family sitcom is certainly marmite but continues to attract viewers in their droves. In the second of two festive episodes, it’s New Year’s Eve in Agnes’s house and she’s desperate to prevent grandson Bono from being enrolled in an infamous primary school. She also takes in a homeless parrot with an extraordinary vocabulary, meanwhile Dermot and Buster dress up as Laurel and Hardy. 

Twit of the Year – 10:00pm, Channel 4

Social media makes – and breaks – the rich and famous, and this 90-minute special focuses on the latter. Leading comedians and prolific celebrity tweeters review the social-media misdemeanours, meltdowns, gaffes and triumphs that had us all a-flutter in 2013.