Christmas 2012: best films on TV today, Sunday 30 December

Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Edward Scissorhands, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Elizabeth: the Golden Age, The Holiday and Blade Runner

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – 1:40pm, BBC1


Delightful part-animated musical adventure starring Angela Lansbury as Eglantine Price – an ecccentric wannabe witch who houses three children evacuated to the coast to escape the Blitz and, using her powers, introduces them to a fantastical new world.   

Edward Scissorhands – 2:55pm, Channel 4

Tim Burton’s oddball Beauty and the Beast-inspired fairy tale stars Johnny Depp as Edward – a man-made boy whose inventor’s sudden death leaves him with sharp metal shears instead of hands. 

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – 5:05pm, Channel 5

A commerical sensation on its release, this MGM movie musical is directed by Stanley Donen and stars Howard Keel and Jane Powell as Adam Pointipee and Milly. When a young Oregon ranger brings home his new wife, she is horrified to discover she is expected to wait on his six unruly brothers. 

Elizabeth: the Golden Age – 9:00pm, ITV3

Cate Blanchett returns to her break-out role as Queen Elizabeth I. Now facing the prospect of conflict with her brother-in-law Prince Philip II of Spain and betrayed by her cousin, Mary Stuart, the ageing queen must also confront the need to sacrifice love for duty to her country. Also starring Clive Owen, Geoffrey Rush and Samantha Morton.

The Holiday – 9:00pm, ITV2

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet play two single women whose agreement to exchange homes over the Christmas period leads them both to embark on unexpected romances with Jude Law and Jack Black respectively.

Blade Runner – 11:30pm, BBC2


The ‘Final Cut’ of Ridley Scott’s dystopian thriller stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah and Sean Young. Set in Los Angeles in the year 2019, morose hitman Rick Deckard is sent to destroy four lethal androids after they escape from a space colony to find their creator on Earth.