Channel 5 boss: We don’t want downmarket TV, sex or dogging

Ben Frow has a sideswipe at C4 saying there's a "line that we won't cross" - and that he wouldn't have commissioned The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles

According to their director of programmes, Channel 5 has a “line we won’t cross.” On the other side of that line, apparently, is The Man With The 10-Stone Testicles.


Ben Frow, head of the channel which has previously aired documentaries I Can’t Stop Masturbating and My Car Is My Lover, has vowed to avoid “downmarket” programming in the future, citing Channel 4’s recent Bodyshock documentary as an example.

“There’s a line we won’t cross at Channel 5,” he told Broadcast. “We may not be the most exciting channel at the moment, but we do what we do very well. I wouldn’t undermine that good work by going downmarket – doing [shows on] sex, doing dogging.”


The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles, a one-off documentary which is pretty self-explanatory, attracted 3.87 million viewers for Channel 4 last week.