Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Lennard vs Rhian Sugden

The two models are up for eviction - but who should go? You decide, sort of...

The Big Brother house will find itself short of a model this evening after Jasmine Lennard and Rhian Sugden face this series of Celebrity Big Brother’s first eviction vote.


Page three ‘stunna’ Rhian and Make Me a Supermodel veteran Jasmine have both been nominated for ousting by their housemates, despite the pair having successfully completed a communal food-shop for the household earlier today, and tonight the public will have its say as to who will be exiled back to the gossip columns of the Daily Star.

Bookies say the smart money is on Jasmine getting the boot and have given her odds of 1/4 to be evicted. Simon Cowell’s ex has made herself persona non grata in the house over the past few days after letting rip with a series of tirades directed at Sugden and the house’s other glamour model, Danica Thrall, who Lennard called a “prostitute” earlier in the week.

But who would you like to see the back of? While a vote cast here won’t count one jot toward the official decision, it’s always nice to be able to express your opinion. And doing so here means you can justify your vote in as many words as you like in the comments section – a privilege, I might remind you, that you won’t be afforded by Channel 5 on the night.


So, who would you evict? On your marks, get set – vote!