Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Stephanie Pratt

Everything you need to know about Stephanie Pratt: Spencer Pratt's sister, Heidi Montag's sister-in-law and MIC's Spencer Matthew's ex-girlfriend...

Name: Stephanie Pratt


Age: 28

Famous, for? Starring in The Hills alongside her brother Spencer Pratt. And dating Spencer Matthews. 

Remember Speidi? Know Spencer Matthews? Oh, well aren’t you in for a treat.

American TV personality Stephanie Pratt found fame on one of the very first constructed reality shows The Hills, which followed the lives and loves of a group of friends living in LA. 

Since the show ended in 2010, Pratt hasn’t been far from the spotlight. She even ventured over seas to star in Made in Chelsea, dating serial womaniser Spencer Matthews before storming off back to the US amid claims that he’d cheated on her. 

Now, Stephanie is following in the footsteps of her brother and fellow Hills alumni, the much maligned Spencer Pratt, and his plastic surgery-loving wife Heidi Montag, who both took part in CBB just last year. 

We best prepare for some awkward silences. 


See her in Made in Chelsea: