Celebrity Big Brother 10: Meet Julian Clary

The King (or Queen) of camp, cross-dressing comedy and double entendres

Name: Julian Clary


Age: 53

Famous for: camp, cross-dressing comedy – and Norman Lamont


Julian Clary – or The Joan Collins fan Club, as he and his canine sidekick fanny the Wonderdog were once known – is a purveyor of camp, innuendo-laden comedy. Don’t believe us? Well he’s fronted TV shows called Sticky Moments and All Rise, and his tours have included Lord of the Mince and Position Vacant – Apply Within.

A 1993 appearance at the British Comedy Awards went down in the TV annals (yes, annals) after Clary told the audience he’d recently been engaging in an unspeakable sex act with then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont.


 With a dress sense combining glitz, glamour and bondage and a penchant for eye shadow and lipstick, Clary should be a colourful addition to the house in more ways than one. You have been warned…