Callum attacks Sarah as Coronation Street cast rehearses live episode fight scene

New behind-the-scenes shots show Sean Ward and Tina O'Brien rehearsing a key showdown

Sarah Louise Platt will be left in fear of her life this Wednesday when drug dealer Callum Logan goes on the attack during the upcoming live episode of Coronation Street.


New images released by ITV show cast members Tina O’Brien and Sean Ward rehearsing a key scene that finds Sarah trying to escape Callum’s clutches.

By the time the live 60-minute instalment airs, viewers will have seen Sarah lure Callum to No 8 when she leads him to believe that the Platts are going to pay the £20,000 that he has demanded.

But when Callum works out that he’s been duped, events take a sinister turn. Is Callum about to take the ultimate revenge on the Platt family?

Speaking recently about the danger ahead, outgoing show boss Stuart Blackburn said: “It’s going to be full of shocks and twists and really will make everything that has come before look like a prologue.

“Decisions are going to be made that start with Sarah stupidly thinking she can get one over on Callum. From that point on, all decisions will have ripple effects for years to come. And that’s not just hyperbole. It will happen.”

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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