Brits travel with more than £2500 of luggage

UK travellers pack valuables worth more than their holiday, according to recent poll

A recent poll from LV travel insurance found that the value of goods in British suitcases has risen by 67 per cent in five years. Bags are loaded with more than £2,500, a figure often superseding the price of the holiday.


The survey was conducted with 2,004 adults, and revealed that people take electronic items including iPads, mobile phones and laptops totalling £700. Travelling Brits also take £400 in clothes and shoes, £100 of toiletries and £350 worth of accessories.

Surprisingly, 15 per cent of those asked packed £500 of cash in their cases, before they were checked in.

Eighteen percent of people don’t use everything in their luggage while on holiday, the survey found out. Meanwhile, 17 per cent of people are charged for excess baggage before boarding their flight.

LV travel insurance managing director Selwyn Fernandes explained to PA: “The plethora of gadgets now being taken abroad has pushed the value of luggage to more than the holiday itself.”

The most common items stolen from holidaymakers are gadgets, jewellery and sunglasses, the insurance company explained.


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