Benedict Cumberbatch reveals how Sherlock survived his fall… with a stuffed monkey

Also, Martin Freeman asks the audience to pester the Comic Con panel in specially filmed messages

What with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman off somewhere being big ol’ movie stars, they couldn’t be in attendence for this San Diego Comic Con’s much anticipated Sherlock panel; but they did send their regards with specially filmed video messages.  


“Make sure you ask them lots of belligerent badgering questions. They like that,” Freeman suggested to the braying fans from outside his trailer. “They like it as well when you try and tear their clothes and hair as they leave the auditorium.”  

As Freeman professed his enjoyment on working on the new series, it was the turn of his fictional partner in (solving) crime to share his enthusiasm too:  “I’m really sorry I’m not there to talk to you about the role of Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness,” Cumberbatch apologised earnestly, before riffing off a repertoire of his current career achievements. “Sherlock? But that’s television,” the Sherlock star scoffed as he was faux corrected off-camera.   

In a revelatory moment, Cumberbatch also confessed to being sick of the closely guarded secrecy of the series two finale, and as you’ll see in the clip below, spills the beans with the help of a stuffed monkey. Well, sort of.   


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