Back for the future – Michael J Fox returns to full-time acting

As MJF prepares to star in a new 22-part sitcom about Parkinson's, we remember some of the great performances he gave even during his illness

Michael J Fox never let Parkinson’s Disease stop him from working entirely – and now the inspirational Back to the Future star is using the illness as the basis for a new project, as he returns to full-time acting for the first time since his “semi-retirement” twelve years ago.


A new 22-part comedy for NBC will see Fox – described by the US network as “utterly relatable, optimistic, and in a class by himself” – playing a father of three battling the degenerative disorder.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said of Fox’s new project “I have no doubt that the character he will create – and the vivid family characters surrounding him – will be both instantly recognizable and hilarious.”

“To bring Michael J Fox back to NBC is a supreme honour,” added Greenblatt. “We are thrilled that one of the great comedic television stars is coming home again.”

Fox announced his semi-retirement from acting in 2000, leaving his starring role in hugely popular political sitcom Spin City after four successful seasons during which he picked up an Emmy award and three Golden Globes.

His return to full-time acting is the result of a new drug regimen which helps him control the physical tics that are a result of Parkinson’s, but even during his “retirement” the Back to the Future star took on a number of smaller roles which reminded us what we were missing…


MJF guest-starred in the medical comedy as an inspirational doctor with some problems of his own…

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Fox used his Parkinson’s symptoms to get his own back on Larry David (beware an instance of strong language in this one)…

Stuart Little

Providing the voice for the animated mouse gave MJF a chance to relive his Back to the Future skateboarding days…

Johnny Be Good revisited


And finally… not a TV or movie appearance (the quality alone will make that clear) – yet as admirable as anything MJF’s done – this footage from a fundraiser for The Michael J Fox Foundation sees him overcome his Parkinson’s symptoms to recreate that iconic BTTF guitar performance…