Anton Du Beke: The Strictly Come Dancing Diaries

"Jerry is taking everything in her elegant stride"

Every dance I choreograph is made bespoke for my partner, like one of Jerry Hall’s fine frocks, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our debut little number.


We have embellished and polished it and then repeated it and repeated it. There has been a lot of repetition. Although the more we repeat it, the more I decide to tweak, much to Jerry’s… well, maybe not annoyance, but amusement.

I haven’t known her long, but she isn’t one to kick off – I think it takes a bit too much energy. She says what she thinks once, and that is the end of it. So we have had no disagreements… which is just up my strasse.

I always leave slight pauses between steps as I’ve found that once I’ve got my celebrity partners into a position, it’s invariably best not to rush them out of it. The thing is, Jerry is doing so well that she can get herself in and then out of each position without a pause, so I’ve been able to add more and more steps.

And the best thing is she has taken it all in her elegant stride. In the past, what I said and what my partners heard seemed to be entirely different. If I ask Jerry to do something, it turns out the way I intended – it’s brilliant!

I don’t get nervous before a show – I’m like a kettle bubbling: when I get on stage, I start to whistle! Before the first performance, however, I’m always anxious to see how my new partner will react to the spotlight.

But Jerry has stepped onto a catwalk in front of the most judgmental of crowds, so I think she’ll be all right.

I just hope that at the end of it Craig is smiling – in the past couple of years, whenever I’ve looked over at him, he has had the look of a man trying to suppress a fart…


Strictly Come Dancing is on tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1