Angela Scanlon’s festival fashion survival guide

BBC3 T in The Park presenter and fashionista Angela Scanlon shares her top tips for surviving the a British festival...

Packing for summer festivals can be an absolute nightmare. When you’re at the mercy of the elements, it’s impossible to know what to bring.


That’s why BBC3’s T in The Park presenter Angela Scanlon is heading to Scotland’s Strathallan Castle with “about two weeks’ worth of stuff for three days”.

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Scanlon’s no amateur when it comes to festival fashion and beauty, though. The red-haired Irish lass is quite the fashionista with plenty of experience under her belt: there’s a reason she was asked to helm London Fashion Week.

Below, she shares her top festival tips…

Don’t bring your best clothes

Festivals aren’t the place for your Sunday best, says Angela: “You need to bring clothes that you’re prepared to lose.”

Or your best boots, especially the leather ones 

Bringing your most stylish shoes isn’t a good idea either, and while leather boots may seem practical they can be a big no-no if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

“I did it a few years ago”, she recalls, “and they were absolutely destroyed and when the muck dried it cracked the leather and they were good boots.”

But you can have a hoot with a good wellington boot

“Wellies. Standard. And good, thick socks – football socks ideally because especially if you’ve got new wellies, they tend to hurt the top of your legs.”

Layer it up

“You’ll need jumpers, lots of layers, and a hoodie always,” she advises.

“It’s not a sexy garment, but it is VERY practical and it’s good to protect your hair if you’re running around.”

Keep it short

“Shorts are really practical because if it rains, your legs dry immediately so they’re handy.”

Leave the handbag at home

“Bring a backpack to hold your water bottles, snacks, poncho etc. In a crowd you can wear it on your front for safety.”

Hold onto your hat

“I don’t tend to do hats because I would be quite prone to taking hats from people as I run by so I think the temptation might be there for other people. Or that might just be my problem…”

Don’t forget your wet wipes

“Bring dry shampoo and wet wipes. ALWAYS,” she advises.

“Although I did see a body wash you could use without water in a shop the other day. It looked disgusting but maybe it’s the best thing ever and really practical if you’re camping for three or four days.”

It’s cool to be comfy

Don’t worry about rocking supreme festival chic. “Comfort is key,” Scanlon says. “You’re lounging around a lot while you’re not standing up and bouncing around so something that you’re happy in and that doesn’t make you feel self-conscious because I think that’s the worst thing.”

And never be afraid to impress in fancy dress

“I do think that festivals are a good time to go a bit bonkers and dress in things that you’d usually get arrested for. So y’know, go for gold!”


Angela Scanlon is presenting T in The Park on BBC3 at 8pm on Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12th