All the Britain’s Got Talent final performances in one place

From the wildcards to the Golden Buzzers via the champion semi-finalists, here's all the performances from this year's 12 finalists


Twelve acts took to the stage tonight for the Britain’s Got Talent final and from dancing pooches to grooving stormtroopers via belting singers and delightful ballet singers. 


One will win, but there were 12 performances well worth watching again…

Dancer Balance Unity

“It was a trip down television memory lane it was fantastic,” enthused Alesha Dixon. 

Magician Richard Jones

“It was brilliant to do military-themed magic. I’ve never seen that before. Also it was just so emotional. We all had tears in our eyes, we’ve never felt that before,” David Walliams said.

Gospel choir (and Alesha’s Dixon’s Golden Buzzer)

“If ever I could define what happiness feels like, it’s you. I want to wake up to you every morning at the end of my bed. Then I’m going to have a great day,” gushed Simon Cowell.

Sword swallower Alex Magala

“You are fearless, it’s not for the faint-hearted, but my goodness one of the best acts seen on the show!” said Alesha Dixon.

Singers Mel and Jamie

“Your vocals compliment each other superbly. It’s quite an emotional act to watch,” said Dixon. “I thought you did a great job with the song.”

Ballet dancers (and judges’ Wildcard) Shannon and Peter

“For me it’s the honesty: every single step you make, the truthfulness. Congratulations, amazing,” gushed Amanda Holden.

Singer (Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer) Jasmine Elcock

“That was beautiful,” said Ant. “We’re very proud of you.”

Performing dog (public Wildcard) Trip Hazard

“So charming! You appeal to everyone from 8 to 80,” said David Walliams.

Singer (Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer) Beau Dermott

This caused quite the the fuss between the judges, David Walliams joking he hoped she’d win to send off Amanda Holden on her final year.

Impressionist Craig Ball

Ball slipped-up during his audition, but the judges had words of comfort. 

“You are brilliantly talented – it must be difficult, you’ve got 100 voices in your head!” said Amanda Holden.

Dancers (Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer) Boogie Storm

“I’d like to see the whole history of dance done by Boogie Storm,” said Alesha Dixon as David Walliams dubbed them the ‘camp stormtroopers’ to Simon Cowell’s ‘camp Darth Vader’ 


Singer Wayne Woodward

“You literally have everything going for you,” praised Amanda Holden. “Your personality that’s the thing for me. I think it was your best performance yet.”