9 of the weirdest Opening Ceremony outfits in history

Scotland's brave choice of parade uniform for the Commonwealth Games has been mocked online, but is it the worst ever?

Team Scotland have unveiled their Opening Ceremony outfit for this year’s Commonwealth Games and it’s… well, eye-catching.


Shocking blue shirts combine with caramel-coloured tartan in what team organisers call a “subtle flag-inspired theme.” Subtle. Yes.

Designer Jilli Blackwood said, “There will be no mistaking that this is the Scottish team as they proudly step out at the Opening Ceremony.”

For any Scottish athlete wanting to bury their head in their beige kilts right about now, don’t worry. Olympic and Commonwealth opening ceremonies have been the sight of many a fashion disaster. Here are some outfits from history that will make even Scotland’s effort look restrained.

Australia: 2014 Commonwealth Games

As well as Scotland’s brave choice, the Aussies have been preparing for a chilly Glasgow summer with these bizarre kermit-coloured knitted jumpers and rain coats.

USA: 1980 Winter Olympics

Howdy partner! Team USA go for the winter cowboy look in Lake Placid 1980.

Australia: 1992 Olympics

Another nod to Australian fashion sense, this effort in Barcelona appeared to be channelling the spirit of Crocodile Dundee.

Hungary: 2008 Olympics

The red handbags may have been dashing, but from a distance Hungary’s 2008 athletes looked like they had been shot at with paintball guns. Bet they were a nightmare to wash, too.

Russia: 1996 Olympics

We bet Vladimir Putin hated these rainbow-coloured hats worn by the Russian team in 1996. At least they look proud to be there.

Japan: 2004 Olympics

The Japanese team were ready come rain or shine in Athens with these fetching rain coats.

Mexico: 2012 Olympics

Strong effort from the Mexican team during London 2012 here. The Scots should have known that “updating” traditional designs was always going to end in tears.

Switzerland: 2008 Olympics


Oh Roger Federer, you’re normally so suave. How could Switzerland let you leave looking like this?