6 pieces of evidence that suggest Draco Malfoy is a secret werewolf

Here are some new clues about the true nature of Harry Potter's Slytherin nemesis for you to sink your teeth into...

The fan theory that Draco Malfoy could be a werewolf has been stalking around for a while, but there is some new and rather intriguing evidence for us to pore over…


And while nobody but J.K Rowling can settle this once and for all, some of these new ideas actually make sense – so much so we’ve found ourselves wondering whether this Slytherin could be a cursed shape-shifting creature after all.

YouTuber Jonathan Carlin has explained in a video why he thinks Draco is not what he seems – with a helping hand from website dracomalfoyisawerewolf – but before you watch, we’ve laid out some of the most compelling evidence for you to sink your teeth into…

1. Voldermort could have ordered Fenrir Greyback to bite Draco

Voldemort was known to punish his followers for their failings. He is the Dark Lord, after all. One Death Eater who messes up fairly regularly is Lucius Malfoy – he gave Ginny Weasley Tom Riddle’s diary, remember? – but we never see any serious repercussions for his actions. Voldemort has a history of sending Fenrir to bite the children of those who don’t do his bidding, so what if he cursed Malfoy Jr with a werewolf bite as punishment for his father? Perhaps that’s why the Malfoys eventually turn against their master – were they repelled by what he did to their son?

2. The Dark Lord even hints at Draco being a werewolf

After the Death Eaters find out Tonks and Remus are having a baby, Voldemort says to Draco: “Maybe you can babysit the cubs?” Is it just a throwaway comment? Or is he reminding Draco that it wouldn’t matter if he was bitten because, well, he’s already been bitten?

3. We never see proof that Draco carries the Dark Mark in the books

Does Draco really have the Dark Mark on his arm? We never get confirmation of this in the books (we do in the film) but we know he scares Borgin (of Borgin and Burkes) using something on his limb. Yes, it might be the mark of Voldemort’s followers – but if it isn’t, what else would terrify the beholder? A werewolf bite, perhaps?

4. Hermione doesn’t think he’s a Death Eater

When it comes to Draco, Harry always assumes the worst about him and is almost always wrong. He reckons Malfoy is carrying the Dark Mark but Hermione doesn’t think he’s a Death Eater, and she’s usually right about pretty much everything so perhaps we should choose to believe her.

5. The Death Eaters don’t treat Draco like a Death Eater

At the end of The Half Blood Prince, after the Death Eaters have invaded Hogwarts, they set up a barrier in the astronomy tower which you can only pass through if you have a Dark Mark. But it goes up after Draco goes into the tower and comes down just before Draco comes down. Coincidence?

6. Draco has good reasons not to reveal his secret

Fenrir might be proud of being a werewolf but in Rowling’s wizarding world they are considered a lower class of being, which would be a nightmare for someone like Malfoy who has always been immensely proud of his pure-blood status. Like Lupin, he’d be ashamed if he was exposed.


Convinced? Or skeptical? Watch the video to find out more:

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