Who is Australia’s Eurovision 2020 entry Montaigne? What is her song?

The ruff-tastic singer/songwriter Montaigne is already a rising star Down Under

Montaigne Eurovision 2020 headshot

Calling all fans of oversized ruffs and puppet doll dancing: you’re going to love Australia’s Eurovision 2020 entry. Both are incorporated into the performance from Montaigne, the fifth-ever act to compete for her country.


And much is expected of her. Since first entering the competition in 2015, Australia has achieved four top-ten finishes, coming runners-up in 2016.

But who exactly is Montaigne, one of this year’s 41 Eurovision competitors? And is her song any good? Here’s all you need to know…

Who is Australia’s Eurovision 2020 act Montaigne?

Age: 24

Instagram: @actualmontaigne

Twitter: @actualmontaigne

Real name Jessica Alyssa Cerro, Montaigne is a 24-year-old certified star in Australia. Having already released two studio albums and ten singles, she’s also nabbed a Best Breakthrough Artist award at the ARIA Music Awards (a big deal Down Under).

Montaigne takes her moniker from the renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne, credited by many for inventing the essay – a big win for intellectual discussions, a massive loss to the students of today. 

What is Australia’s Eurovision 2020 song called?

Montaigne will perform Don’t Break Me on the Eurovision stage.

And warning: it’s not a particularly happy song. The track is all about a relationship breakdown, Montaigne inspired to write it after reading a book titled Codependent No More.

Fun fact: although you might think her look in Australia’s national selection performance mirrors Marge from The Simpsons after she was shot with Homer’s make-up gun, her outfit was actually inspired by Mr Mime – Montaigne is a big Pokemon fan.

What happens if Australia wins Eurovision 2020?

Then Eurovision 2021 won’t be hosted in Australia. This is because A) the time difference, and B) it would cost too much to fly everyone to another hemisphere.

Instead, Eurovision rules state Australia would have to co-host the contest in another country. And while Germany is thought to be Australia’s first choice, last year’s contestant, Kate Miller-Heidke told RadioTimes.com she thinks the honour could fall to the UK (!).

How did Australia do at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?

Although tipped to finish in the top five, singer Kate Miller-Heidke achieved a ninth-place spot in the table with Zero Gravity – or, as she sang it, ‘Ze-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ero Gra-a-a-a-a-a-a-avity’.


The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 final is on 16th May 2020