E.T comes back to Earth for Christmas reunion with Elliott after three decades

Christmas has come early with a heartwarming reunion between E.T. and a grown-up Elliott and his family


Tissues at the ready… E.T., the much-loved extraterrestrial, and his best friend Elliott (Henry Thomas) have an emotional Christmas reunion back on Earth in Sky’s brand new short story video.


Almost 40 years after Steven Spielberg’s original film hit cinemas, the little boy who found and befriended a stranded alien is all grown-up, with young children of his own.

The short sees Elliott’s son and daughter playing in their garden when they notice something hiding behind a snowman (with a careful close-up of a fresh flower in the snowman’s hat, a sign perhaps that E.T. still enjoys resurrecting the odd wilted flower…).

The kids scream when they spot the friendly alien (just like Drew Barrymore’s character Gertie did in the original), but their father quickly rushes out to find out what the commotion is — before he joyfully embraces his old childhood friend.


E.T. then enjoys a fun-filled holiday with the family, as Elliott and Elliott Jr. explain the wonders of modern technology to him — and he shows off the alien equivalent of FaceTime to his hosts.


When it’s time for the little alien to return to his own family, only one mode of transport will do, as he and the children cycle across the moonlit sky, before Elliott and his wife catch up with them for one last goodbye.