Which Love Island couples are still together?

We look at the couples who are still loved up – and those who have decided to call it quits – on Love Island

Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)

For some, Love Island was the answer to finding true love. For others, it was just a holiday romance.


Whose relationships have survived after the show has wrapped up? Are any couples still going strong from back in 2017? Which, if any, dumped 2020 islanders are actually making it work IRL?

Find out below…

Love Island: 2020 Winter

Paige and Finn – TOGETHER

They were the first couple to make their romance official in the villa, with Finn reading out some romantic messages from his phone.

And they later dropped the L-bomb during their love proposals at the show’s prom.

So it’s little wonder Paige and Finn breezed into the finals and were voted as the Love Island 2020 winter winners.

Back on home turf, and £50k richer, things seem to be going smoothly for the duo.

They’ve been posting cute images on their respective Instagram accounts, thanking fans for supporting them as a couple.

But, will their relationship be able to survive in the real world? Only time will tell…

Siannise and Luke T – TOGETHER

They might not have come first place on the show, but the duo certainly won themselves a fairy tale romance.

After fighting their way out of a love triangle – thanks to Wallace and Rebecca –  they’ve been completely inseparable.

Their love proved to be mutual as they both remained single after Casa Amor, and despite a tiny wobble after Luke got a bit excited about Siannise getting “naked” in the hideaway, they managed to put it behind them.

From Luke asking her to be his girlfriend in the most romantic way, to the duo being the first couple to exchange those three, little words, it looks like Siannise and Luke could have something very serious.

So, fans will just have to wait and see if they’ll get their happily ever after outside the villa…

Demi and Luke M – TOGETHER

When it came to finding love in the villa, both contestants were pretty unlucky in love.

Luke M got pied by Jess Gale and Natalia Zoppa, while Demi got dumped by Nas Majeed.

However, after being matched by their pals Siannise and Luke T, they finally found the love in each other.

Now unofficially exclusive, the couple will have to see if their long distance love can work.

Demi hails from Cosham, Portsmouth, while Luke resides in Redcar, North Yorkshire, which is five hours away.

But so far, so good, as it looks like the couple aren’t letting the distance stop them from making things work.

Following the finale on February 23rd, the couple spent their first night in a hotel together.

We wonder what they had for breakfast…

Jess and Ched – TOGETHER

After weeks of struggling to find her perfect guy, in walked Ched Uzor who whisked Jess off her feet.

The finalists made their relationship “exclusive” on the show, and it sounds like they could give their romance a real shot.

During the finale, Ched revealed that they’d be seeing each other as they live close to one another.

Sounds like a date to us!

Priscilla and Mike – TOGETHER

Mike had his fair share of love interests on the show, after almost finding a connection with four girls in the villa.

But Priscilla proved to be the one for him, with Mike dubbing her “wifey material” from the moment he met her at Casa Amor.

Despite his past, the couple stuck together, and Mike put a label on it as he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Back in London town, things seem to be going well for the couple, who have been attending events together and sharing loved up posts on Instagram.

Mike is also planning to move to London from Manchester to be closer to his Mrs.

We never thought we’d see the day Mikey boy settled down!

Callum and Molly – Dating 

They didn’t make it to the finals, after the other islanders chose to save Priscilla and Mike over them.

But, Callum and Molly didn’t let that stop them from cracking on outside the villa.

Following their exit, Callum told press including RadioTimes.com they’d probably be “official” soon, and Molly revealed that they were meeting each other’s families.

And if their Instagram accounts are anything to go by, it looks like Callum and Molly are sticking by their word with the duo attending events together and posing for photos.

Sophie and Connor – TOGETHER

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It looked like things could have been over for Sophie Piper and Connor Durman, after she didn’t leave with him when the islanders chose to save her and dumped him from the island.

However, the pair have rekindled their relationship since Sophie was voted out.

Connor met Sophie’s sisters Rochelle Humes and Lily Piper, and Sophie accidentally revealed that they’re now “exclusive.”

Speaking in an interview, she said: “I would say that me and Connor are exclusive.”

She then added: “Exclusive is a big word, I don’t actually think that we have really discussed it but we are dating and have been on quite a few dates.”

Love Island: 2019

Tommy and Molly-Mae – TOGETHER

Tommy realised that Molly-Mae is the “only girl” for him… after a brief “560 degree” head turn thanks to Maura’s advances which left Molly-Mae fearing she’d lost the boxer to the ring girl. He eventually picked her at the recoupling and they shared their first kiss before going on a horse riding date. He left Molly-Mae in tears after revealing he had remained loyal during Casa Amor, before roping in BFF Curtis to help him ask her to be his girlfriend. They later dropped the L-bomb under the duvet, and went on to come in second place.

Despite trolling and rumours that Molly-Mae was not genuinely interested in Tommy (#MoneyMae was rather unfairly trending on Twitter on the night of the Love Island final), the pair have only gone from strength to strength after leaving the show – with Molly-Mae revealing the pair have now “moved in” together.

Things are now going so well for the pair that they’re already considering starting a family. And the 2020 National Television Awards, the pair couldn’t look more loved up as they posed for pictures on the red carpet.

Fans now speculate that the pair have secretly got engaged, after it was reported that they were set to put a ring on it during a recent family trip to Las Vegas. According to sources, Tommy was going to the pop the question if his brother Tyson’s fight against Deontay Wilder was a success.

As we know, it was, so did Tommy get down on one knee?

Curtis and Maura — SPLIT

Maura and Curtis

Following weeks of rumours, it looks like Dancing on Ice star Maura Higgins has split with pro-dancer boyfriend Curtis Pritchard, following Maura’s public announcement in March 2020.

The fourth-place finalists danced their way into the final, but their path to love was far from smooth, after Curtis broke up with his half-girlfriend Amy and was later torn between Maura and new girl Francesca.

Well, as much as we would have loved for the pair to stay together, Maura and Curtis were soon on much more shaky ground after it was reported by The Sun that Curtis was caught in an embrace whilst out in High Wycombe at New Year.

But Curtis denied any wrong-doing on Lorraine, explaining: “New year photos is nonsense – you can’t hug somebody or talk to somebody in this day and age without something coming out. Me and Maura are completely fine. I was there watching her on Dancing on Ice yesterday.”

Rumours circled the couple again, as fans speculated how close Maura would get to her professional partner, Alexander Demetriou, on the skating show. However, Maura, 29, was quick to shut it down and insisted they weren’t worried about the infamous curse.

But there was yet more trouble in paradise for the couple, after Maura is said to have left the National Television Awards without her man. According to sources, the Dancing on Ice star stormed out of the event in tears following a boozy row with Curtis.

Lucie and Joe – SPLIT

Love Island's Lucie and Joe
Love Island’s Lucie and Joe (ITV)

The surfer girl looked to have finally found her bev as she and sandwich man Joe were spotted holding hands while strolling to a dinner date in Lucie’s hometown in Cornwall, weeks after reuniting on Aftersun and telling Caroline Flack: “We’re just chilling as friends. We’re taking it slow, there’s no rush.”

Speaking at the TV Choice Awards in September, Lucie said they kept their relationship a secret to get to know one another away from the spotlight.

However, the pair have since confirmed their split – with Joe getting close to another former Islander…

Greg and Amber — SPLIT

Amber Greg Love island

Love is dead, as 2019 winners Amber and Greg have split – reportedly by text, of all mediums – after a matter of weeks.

After tabloid reports, Amber set the record straight on Loose Women, telling viewers the deed really was done over text.

“The careers and the distance was always a factor,” she said. “We always knew about it so I don’t know what’s changed. I wanted to make it work. I am disappointed that it’s over […] but I’ll be fine. Onwards and upwards from here.”

She continued: “From my point of view I still wanted to make it work and there was a call a few days prior just chatting but on that day it was a text. I think there was a bit of miscommunication.”

Ovie and India — SPLIT

Love Island Ovie

India arrived as one of the last bombshells later on in the series, transforming Ovie’s luck. He’d previously emerged from Casa Amor with Anna — only for her to return to Jordan.

The pair confirmed they were “exclusive” on Love Island: The Reunion, and said they were ‘official’ at the TV Choice Awards.

But after being dogged with false “split rumours” after it was claimed by an Instagram account that India had “cheated” on Ovie while in Portugal — a claim strongly refuted by the couple — India announced their split at the Pride of Britain awards in October, saying it was “difficult”.

Anton and Belle – SPLIT


It seemed to be going so well for Anton and Belle, despite the pair going through quite a tumultuous time while in the villa. They had their first date in Belle’s brother’s restaurant, with Belle’s actor-father, Tamer Hassan, also joining them.

However, it has since been reported that the pair have gone their separate ways, one month after leaving the villa – with Anton’s love for Craig David bizarrely an alleged contributing factor for the rumoured split.

Anton since told Scottish Sun Online: “We’re not together, it’s as simple as that. That’s it.”

Danny and Jourdan – SPLIT

Danny and Jourdan (ITV)

Danny and Jourdan had seemed like one of the more solid couples, after they confirmed in September that they had now moved in together.

But a source told The Sun in October: “Jourdan started to hear rumours he was speaking to other girls behind her back.” Jourdan later confirmed the split on Instagram, saying that she cannot tolerate a “lack of respect, disloyalty [and] dishonesty” in a relationship and told fans “the love was as real as the hurt is now”.

Oh well…

Anna and Jordan – SPLIT

Love Island's Anna and Jordan
Love Island’s Anna and Jordan (ITV)

This duo came close to leaving the island after they found themselves in the bottom three, hours after Jordan asked Anna to be his “chick”. The model told the boys he was planning to take Anna on a tour of the villa to relive their biggest moments from where they had their first kiss, to up on the terrace, where Anna realised she had made a mistake in coupling up with Ovie. They said they were looking forward to life on the outside… but a day after going official Jordan said his head had been turned by India. Anna accused him of game playing and using her to reach the final. Predictably they called it quits on leaving the villa.

Chris and Harley – SPLIT

Love Island's Chris and Harley
Love Island’s Chris and Harley (ITV)

Chris and Harley came together by default after India chose Ovie, despite Chris admitting his feelings for her, which left Harley to pick Chris. Despite the not-so-romantic start, the pair eventually shared their first kiss and saw romance rise on a bread-baking date. But, Chris found himself close to being dumped after he guessed that fans were convinced he should be together with India during the Headline Challenge. After a telling off from Harley and a big dose of grovelling the pair made up – only to be dumped from the villa. They became official during an appearance on Aftersun, which saw host Caroline Flack ask if they are “exclusive.”

But after just three weeks out of the villa, the pair decided they were better of as friends. Chris announced the news on Instagram, saying the split was “amicable” and that they were simply “too busy” to make “quality time” for one another.


“I will be very proud of everything she has done and everything she’ll do,” he wrote. “The future is bright crumpet go get em!”