Hunter makes deadly threat to Mel in EastEnders – will he escape prison?

Mel might live to regret shopping her killer son…


EastEnders‘ killer Hunter Owen’s (Charlie Winter) fate has been sealed by mum Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) signing a statement confirming to the cops she had nothing to do with the murder of Ray Kelly and her disturbed son acted alone, despite the fact she covered up the crime by helping to bury the body.


Meeting with no-nonsense DS Barnes on Thursday 21 February, torn Mel decided to sign on the dotted line guaranteeing a hefty prison sentence for her son. Just a week ago, Mel was trying to smuggle her and Hunter out of the country with the help of ex-lover Jack Branning, but he tipped off his old police mates and the pair were apprehended.

Visiting Hunter in jail later, Mel told him what she had done and the twisted teen reacted calmly, agreeing it would’ve been worse if they’d both been banged up and that this way, Ray hasn’t beaten them. “I signed it so I can be out there fighting for you,” the protective parent told him. “I’m going to get the best lawyer and I will get you home…”

But she was shocked at the lack of remorse her psychotic offspring displayed as he pondered the advice Jack’s mates had given him to plead guilty. “The way I see it, I’ve done nothing wrong,” he said, with a menacingly intense stare. “If someone comes for you I’m coming for them, that’s the way it goes. I’d do it again Mum, again and again…”


Is Hunter plotting to murder again?

Was this latest threat a hint that Hunter was planning on another kill? Is his twisted obsession with protecting his mother set to claim another life? Is he plotting from his cell to somehow have Jack killed for betraying them? Or might the unstable lad grow resentful of Mel and turn on her the next time she visits him?

Hunter is leaving the show permanently, and tonight’s chilling scene could well be his last appearance, but his creepy behaviour has us wondering whether the murdering schoolboy has one more hand to play – we wouldn’t be surprised if he stages a prison break and turns up on the Square demanding him and Mel go on the run, before he’s finally caught and banged up forever…

Either way, Mel is now facing a lonely future and must live with the knowledge her son killed a man in cold blood, and she has sent him down. What’s next for the ballsy blonde?


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