Mary’s son Jude returns to Coronation Street tonight – full details revealed

But has he changed his ways?


Mary Taylor comes face to face with Jude Appleton in tonight’s Coronation Street after a private detective tracks her errant son down to a B&B in Blackpool.


As Corrie fans know, Jude was chased out of Weatherfield last year after being exposed as a serial liar. But Mary had second thoughts about her actions and ended up employing a PI to find her missing offspring.

Tonight’s double bill finds Mary cajoling Roy into accompanying her to the seaside resort where she soon runs into Jude. The upcoming scenes see Mary asking Jude to come home, only for him to tell her that he owes money to the owner of the bed and breakfast.

But while Mary heads off to find a cashpoint, Jude soon shows that he’s still up to his old tricks when he turns to his new girlfriend Kelly and, painting himself as a surgeon, makes out that Mary is one of his patients!

Later on, after Mary returns to the B&B clutching £800, Kelly starts to refer to Jude as Dr Ken Barlow – all of which leads to Roy realising that he hasn’t changed his ways at all.


Despite Jude’s story having been blown wide open, Mary still ends up giving him the benefit of the doubted – after handing over the cash – tells him she’ll wait for him in the car. But is she setting herself up for fresh heartache? Or will Jude really decide to join his mum and Roy?


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