Barack Obama joins Lin-Manuel Miranda for Hamilton remix – as George Washington himself

Former US President Barack Obama features on the song One Last Time (44 Remix)

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Obama

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has released “the final Hamildrop” – starring former US President Barack Obama as George Washington.


Since December 2017, Miranda has released monthly remixes and covers of songs (aka Hamildrops). And now, Obama has lent his voice to the remix of One Last Time, performing the first US President’s famous Farewell Address of 1796.

On a track titled One Last Time (44 Remix), the 44th President of the United States is accompanied by Chris Jackson, who starred as President Washington in the original cast on Broadway, as well as six-time Grammy winner BeBe Winans.

The musical Hamilton tells the story of US founding father Alexander Hamilton and his journey from poverty to revolution to politics.

It also features key public figures including Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr – and in Washington’s farewell number, he tells his friend and protege Hamilton that they will teach Americans “how to say goodbye,” so that the “nation learns to move on” and choose new democratic leaders.

The relationship between Miranda and Obama is long-standing and dates back all the way to 2009, when Miranda performed at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word – and took everyone by surprise by debuting the first song from The Hamilton Mixtape.

In January 2017, the musical star returned to the White House near the end of Obama’s presidency and performed the song One Last Time, ending with an emotional embrace between Obama and Miranda and tears from many people in the room.

At the time, Obama called the show “an incredible gift… it is rare that a piece of art can remind us about what’s best in ourselves”.


Referring to the end of his presidency, he added: “With that, let me know how to say goodbye.”

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