Sue Nicholls reveals the Coronation Street storyline she rejected for Audrey

"I didn't agree - so it's nice they went the other way"


Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) is at the centre of the drama in Coronation Street over the Christmas period as her relationship with Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) comes under more scrutiny when he’s suspected of conning her again following her hefty inheritance from old friend Archie Shuttleworth.


But Weatherfield veteran Nicholls has told that, while she’s enjoying her alter ego’s current plot that proves there’s no age limit on finding love, there was a storyline suggested to her a while ago that saw her clash with the powers that be – and it seems they listened to the legendary star.

“There was something pitched to me years ago that maybe Audrey could have a storyline where she was seen at home on her own drinking a lot, and Gail and the family would worry and ask if she was lonely. I said I didn’t agree, and asked: ‘Why do you think someone of a certain age who gets home after work is lonely and needs to drink? Not necessarily.’

“To be honest, I can’t wait to get home and plonk on the sofa and pour the rosé, but not because I’m depressed – because I think ‘How wonderful, everyone else has gone!’ So I tried to pitch it back to them that I didn’t want to play a drunk, forlorn little thing.

“What I like about Audrey and Lewis is that it’s nice to show the older characters in soap falling in love because it does happen, you hear about it all the time. It’s not just the gorgeous youngsters you know!”

Is Lewis really conning Audrey?

Unfortunately, it may transpire that Lothario Lewis is not the reformed character he claimed to be when he returned to the cobbles earlier this year and reignited his romance with Aud. A bout of shifty behaviour over Christmas leads Gail and the gang to think he’s about to rob the £80,000 bequeathed by undertaker Archie, and on New Year’s Day Lewis arranges to meet his partner in the bistro for dinner promising all will become clear.


Gail finds her mum alone in the bistro having been stood up, and Audrey is forced to admit her daughter might have been right all along, then on Wednesday 2 January it emerges Archie’s money has been stole from her bank account. CCTV footage then implies Lewis may have had a partner in crime and Audrey is left – once again – with egg on her face thanks to the sharp-suited charmer. Corrie has not officially commented on tabloid reports speculating on Havers’ future on the show – could there still be an innocent explanation?

“Gail genuinely cares for her mother but Audrey takes it all as interference and finds her a bit insufferable,” continues Nicholls. “I’m shouting at Helen (Worth) a lot, Gail is getting on her nerves! Despite what may or may not be going on with Lewis, I think they do love each other. When he did a runner years ago with Gail’s money, he left flowers and note for Audrey saying ‘You were always the one. All my love, all my life – Lewis.’ I think she kept that in her heart. She probably kept the note.

“I’ve had a lot of scenes lately where Audrey is upset – I think she will recover but we’ll have to wait and see what the writing brings. Things will get on top of her, as you’ll see…”


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