EastEnders Mick Carter is FINALLY out of jail – here’s what happens next

The king of the Queen Vic is home, but the drama is only just beginning…


Mick Carter has returned to EastEnders, finally freed from jail after being framed by evil Stuart Highway for shooting him.


Monday 17 December’s episode ended with the much-missed landlord make an unannounced reappearance in the barrel store of the Queen Vic after new evidence led to his exoneration, thanks to a chain of events sparked by Mick’s wife Linda’s risky attempt to draw a confession from sinister Stu by pretending to seduce him.

When Linda went to the police armed with a recording of Stuart admitting Mick did not pull the trigger, the hateful Mr Highway subsequently framed another face from his childhood to cover his tracks, hapless Dylan Box, who he blackmailed into lying to the cops that he was the one who shot Mick by threatening his family.

Linda had seemingly turned her back on Mick for months after declaring she thought he was guilty of attempted murder, but it was all an act – part of her elaborate long game con to make everyone believe she had sided with Stuart. Understandably, the landlady was somewhat apprehensive at facing her husband again after all everything that’s gone on… They may be reunited, but how will Mick react if he learns L was prepared to make Stuart think she’d sleep with him to clear his name?


Who helps Mick get revenge on Stuart now he’s back in Walford?

As this week continues, Mick will struggle to return to normality and even being back at Linda’s side can’t stop his thirst to avenge the damage the horrible Mr Highway has done to his family, as viewers will see on Thursday 20 December when he turns to Phil Mitchell in his plan to get his own back.

Horrified as he finds out Linda allowed Stuart to move in while he was banged up, the scene is set for a showdown between Mr and Mrs Carter about what Mick has missed…

“Mick has a lot of questions once he’s out,” teases Bright about the reunion with her on-screen spouse. “How much has what happened changed them and their relationship? There is a lot of fallout after the two-hander, it has a much bigger impact than Linda thought it was going to.

“Linda wants to draw a line under everything but of course that can’t happen straight away,” she continues. “Mick wants revenge but Linda’s main concern is that he could end up back in prison!”


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