Mick WILL get revenge on Stuart – “The viewers won’t be disappointed,” says EastEnders star Ricky Champ

The Walford star reveals what's next for sinister Stuart

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EastEnders star Ricky Champ has revealed that Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) will get revenge on Stuart Highway once he gets out of prison. Scenes just shown saw Linda (Kellie Bright) finally manage to extract a confession from the Walford villain that he’d framed Mick for attempted murder during a tense two-hander episode. But will Linda’s recording be enough to put Stuart behind bars?


“Stuart has still got some stuff up his sleeve,” Champ revealed to RadioTimes.com tonight. “The confession that Linda has might be enough to free Mick, but it might not be enough to incarcerate Stuart. What we will see is Stuart scrambling and using everything in his power to get out of it.

Teasing the drama that lies ahead, the actor added: “We still don’t know the exact mechanics of what happened on the night that Stuart was shot. So that’s still to come. And as for Mick, I don’t think the viewers will be disappointed about what’s going to happen. As far as pay-off goes, you’re going to get it.

“I’m really excited for people to see it. A lot of work went into this period of EastEnders and it did feel particularly overwhelming at times. But it’s fun to play Stuart – someone who is that unpredictable is a very dangerous man and that’s where his power lies. He loves Linda and Mick – but this is a man who destroys what he loves. And the uncertainty of what he’s going to do makes him watchable.”

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This evening’s episode saw Linda start out with the aim of seducing Stuart into owning up to what he’d done, only for him to find the recording device she’d secreted in her bedroom. As the argument spilled out into a now-empty bar, Stuart then appeared to try and rape Linda, but the Queen Vic landlady smashed a bottle over his head before goading him into confessing to his crimes.

After Stuart left the pub, it was then revealed that Linda had hidden an extra microphone in her hair and that the recording of Stuart incriminating himself had been captured on a sound file on her laptop. Speaking about the filming of the pivotal scenes, Champ admitted:

“It was daunting. I knew the two-hander was coming up, but there wasn’t much time to prepare. But we got it done. With this particular episode – every beat was choreographed. Safety is really important. The most organised thing that you see on screen is chaos.”


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