The best Sky TV deals and Sky Q packages with broadband

Everything you need to know if you're thinking of signing up with the satellite TV provider

Sky remote (Getty, TG)

Sky TV has long been an option for television fans in the UK looking for a vast amount of choice and easy access to premium pay-for telly events.


And as well as being a broadcasting giant and carrier, Sky is also known for its platform and technology – which has continued to evolve in recent years with the introduction of Sky Q, Sky’s most sophisticated offering yet.

But with literally hundreds of channels available and various different hardware set-ups it’s worth taking a look at the various options before deciding what best suits you.

What is the cheapest Sky deal for new customers?

At present new Sky customers can get Sky TV with the Sky Entertainment pack for £22 a month.

This pack includes a wealth of premium channels across entertainment, documentaries, sport and news, as well as all the free-to-air Freeview channels on your Sky platform. Top channels include: Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Arts, W, Gold, Alibi, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery, National Geographic, Eurosport, Sky News and Sky Sports News.

How do I get sports, movies and other channels not included in the basic pack?

There are a number of add-on packs available to customers who have purchased the basic #20 a month deal.

These include:

Sky Cinema +£11 a month

Previously known as Sky Movies, Sky Cinema is a one stop shop for film fans with a choice of over 1,000 films and new premieres everyday.  You can watch the movies on the regularly changing themed broadcast channels, or browse films for download by genre and collection to watch straight away.

All of these channels and films are offered to subscribers in HD without needing to upgrade to the HD pack.

Sky Sports +£23 a month (With Sky Entertainment: £22pm, 18-month contract)

This sports-lovers paradise includes Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Main Event (the channels change names occasionally but broadly cover these sports). You only get these channels in standard definition as standard, so if you want to upgrade to HD you need to + a further £6.

If you don’t want to commit to the 18 months of contract, this package will cost you £30 per month, and if you only like certain sports you can pick one channel such as football or golf for £18.

Sky Kids +£5 a month

If you have children, this add-on gives you access to 11 dedicated children’s channels including the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, exclusive access to 5,000 + kids downloads and the Sky Kids dedicated app.

Can I get Netflix on Sky Q?

Yes, Netflix is being added to Sky Q as an optional extra from November 2018.

The Ultimate On Demand Pack costs £25 a month and blends Sky Box Sets and Netflix in one place.

Now you can watch Game of Thrones and Billions alongside Stranger Things and Narcos… what a world!

How do I get HD channels, Box Sets and Netflix on Sky?

Netflix and Sky Box Sets +£5 a month

If you’re a binge-watcher, this deal lets you access over 500 quality box sets from past and present, plus gives you touch-of-a-button access via your Sky box to all of Netflix’s wealth of streaming. It even includes the Sky Entertainment package with channels like Sky Atlantic.

Sky HD +£5 a month 

Got a big sparkly HD or 4K TV and want to make the most of it, then you’ll want to make sure your package is upgraded to include the best quality version of your favourite programmes.

Do I get a Sky Q box as part of the basic package?

Yes, all new Sky subscribers get a Sky Q box as standard when they sign up, starting from £22 per month.

The Sky Q box allows you to watch up to three channels and record a fourth live via the main box. You can sign up at an additional cost for the HD version as well as for an additional mini-box to watch on multiple screens. You can pause and rewind live TV, watch on the go on mobile devices and get easy access to catch-up and on demand content around your house.

How much TV can I record?

The standard 1TB Sky Q box is provided as standard and allows you to record up to 500 hours of television.

Should I get the 2TB Sky Q Box?

The 2TB box allows you to record 1,000 hours of TV and to access UHD and 4K TV, so if you’re big on movies and sports and have a flash new telly it might be worth the upgrade. It also allows you to record more channels and comes with a slightly more high-end touch control remote. However, the box is more expensive with a set-up cost of £199 rather than £20 for the 1TB box. This cost can be reduced significantly if you opt for Sky multi-room.

How do I watch Sky in more than one room in the house?

Sky multi-room really brings Sky Q’s high-end platform to life as it uses the wi-fi connected system to ensure wherever you have a TV, you have access to live content, on demand and online content. You can switch between room and pick up where you left off or simply watch one show in one room while the kids watch another somewhere else.

Multi-room adds an additional cost, but especially for those with a larger home and family who want to watch different shows at different times, it’s perhaps a worthy investment. It costs £13 a month for the multi-room functionality, and there’s a one-off fee of £20.

Can I stream Sky content on mobile devices?

Yes. You can access the whole world of Sky entertainment on the Sky Go app and online at no extra cost.

Can I get cheap broadband deals with Sky if I sign up for TV packages?

You can get Sky Broadband with Sky TV. The Broadband Essential + Sky Entertainment deal is now £35 per month (instead of £52) for 18 months. It includes line rental and has a one-off set up cost of £29.95.

There’s a Superfast version with 59Mbps average download speeds (vs. 11Mbps average for the Essential package) for £39 per month (down from £57) and the set-up cost is £19.95. To add on Netflix would make the total monthly cost £42 per month (instead of £69) and there will also be a one-off fee of £19.95 to get it set up.


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