Danny Dyer hosted Have I Got News For You – and fans had some thoughts

Not everyone thought Danny Dyer was the right for the razor-sharp satire show

Danny Dyer, HIGNFY (BBC screenshot)

Danny Dyer unexpectedly spoke for the nation this summer when he managed to vocalise the entire country’s thoughts on Brexit.


Speaking on Good Evening Britain, the EastEnders actor, 41, blasted former Prime Minister David Cameron and compared the constant confusion around Britain leaving the European Union as some “mad riddle”.

His surprisingly astute views on the topic which is currently plaguing the nation (and looks set to continually plague it for the next few months) saw him land a role as guest host on satirical panel show Have I Got News for You.

Dyer was joined by Sara Pascoe and Judy Murray, alongside team leaders Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

But viewers were as divided as the nation is over Brexit on how well Dyer did in the role – while some loved seeing his gruff charm on the programme, others were left less than impressed, saying he didn’t quite fit the show.

Keen to air their opinions on Twitter, one particularly scathing fan wrote, “Did the Have I Got News For You team not think to check whether Danny Dyer can actually present?

“Though to be fair, I’ve always wondered what a monotone block of wood trying to read either an autocue or prompt card would look like.”

Another said, “Danny Dyer is talentless in the extreme. Can’t read an autocue, can’t speak properly, can’t present. He really is a block of wood. A foul-mouthed block of wood.”

A third simply said, “I really can’t stand Danny Dyer.”

However, Dyer had plenty of support from others who genuinely enjoyed watching someone a little different chairing the show.

“Was getting so sick of #hignfy having the same clique of privately educated luvvies guest hosting, so great to see Danny Dyer doing it so well,” said one viewer.

Another added, “ A lot of people seem upset that Danny Dyer was hosting Have I Got News For You this week but I found it rather refreshing.”


It’s not been the best week for the Dyer family, with Dyer’s daughter Dani announcing her split with Love Island co-star and winner Jack Fincham after just four months together.

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