EastEnders bigamy shock: Mel discovers that Ray has a THIRD woman in his life

Ray's lies continue to spiral on the BBC1 soap

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Mel Owen has discovered an extra layer to partner Ray Kelly’s duplicity on tonight’s EastEnders when she spied him in the company of a third woman. Mel was already aware of Ray’s marriage to personal trainer Maddie, but up until this evening, hadn’t known that the conniving undercover policeman was juggling someone else too.


For those who didn’t catch the closing credits of Tuesday’s episode, the woman who Ray was seen meeting is named Jodie and is played by actress Katie Buchholz, whose previous TV appearances include roles in Midsomer Murders and Father Brown.

Mel was seen catching Ray out after getting annoyed that he’d ditched her for work once again. Deciding to get some answers, Mel then met up with Maddie at the E20 and manipulated her into revealing where Ray could be. Later on, as Mel waited in her car outside a nearby car, Mel spotted him leaving with his arm around Walford newcomer Jodie.

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Thursday’s episode of EastEnders will see Mel continue to quiz Ray and subtly take his warrant card before meeting up with Maddie again. But how will Maddie react when Mel reveals the truth both about Ray and who she really is? And what is the next bombshell that Mel then has to deliver?

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The BBC1 soap has already teased that Mel and Ray’s wedding is to feature over New Year, but just what does Mel have in store for her deceitful groom. As the bride-to-be puts the final pieces of her plan into place, “she comes to a disturbing realisation”. Is Mel’s plan for revenge about to hit an unforeseen and potentially fatal snag?


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