Kat finally reunited with her kids – see the first look EastEnders pics

Tommy, Bert and Ernie are back with their mum


EastEnders‘ Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) will finally be reunited with her children Tommy, Bert and Ernie on Monday 3 December when husband Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) allows them to see their mum for the first time in months.


Kat was thrown out by her other half earlier this year while they were living and working in Spain after Ernie was severely injured when big brother Tommy dropped a kettle of boiling water on his sibling – the boys were in their mother’s care at the time, but she was busy getting jiggy with a Russian barman called Dimitri in the bedroom and missed the accidental scalding.

The double whammy of her cheating and neglect being exposed led to Alfie branding his wife an unfit parent and banning her from having any contact with their three sons. Kat fled back to Walford and begged Alfie countless times to forgive her and let her see the children, but to no avail.

Finally, Alfie arrived back in the UK recently but still refused to let Kat spend time with her offspring – but a new picture released by the BBC teases the heartwarming moment he relents and the entire family are together again.


Will Kat and Alfie get back together – and what about Hayley’s baby?

With Alfie and Kat now possibly on the verge of reconciliation, as he pulls out the stops to win her back after a prolonged period of estrangement, the big secret of Alfie being the father of his wife’s cousin Hayley Slater’s baby girl is still threatening to explode. Their one-night stand in Spain (Hayley was also living out there for a time prior to turning up in Albert Square) was deemed a mistake by the former Queen Vic landlord and he believes she had an abortion months ago. So the happy families act could be curtailed for the Moons if Kat discovers Alfie is Hayley’s baby daddy…

A new podcast available on BBC Sounds from Wednesday 28 November promises to reveal more about Hayley and the Moons’ time in Spain, so we may get deeper into what really happened between Kat and the kids. Was Bert’s accident really all her fault? What happened to Dimitri? And how did Hayley and Alfie end up sleeping together? Something tells us the smiles in this picture are very much the calm before the storm chez Slater…


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