Phil finds Keanu handcuffed to Sharon’s bed in EastEnders dirty doof-doof?

A saucy surprise is in store for Mr Mitchell…


Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) returned to EastEnders on Thursday 22 November and is on the verge of discovering wife Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) in bed with toy boy lover Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), as well as catching teenage daughter Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) getting jiggy with tearaway Keegan Baker (Zack Morris).


In what could be the soap’s dirtiest ‘doof-doof’ moment ever, saucy Shazza had chained her fit younger fella to the bed in pink fluffy handcuffs during a spot of afternoon delight that reignited their affair when she heard Phil arrive home unexpectedly early from his Spanish business trip, while Lou and Keegan cavorted semi-clad on the kitchen floor and froze with fear at hearing the Walford kingpin come through the door.

Sharanu were definitely back on as they admitted the depth of their feelings for each other, with Sharon’s jealousy piqued by Keanu taking Lou for private driving lessons. Affronted when suave villain Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon) rejected her uncomfortable flirting and encouraged her to be with someone her own age, Lou then made eyes at Keegan over a bag of chips and they ended up back at her place.

Both clandestine couples were unaware of each other’s presence as the Mitchell pad became a house of ill repute, and once Sharon got the cuffs out upstairs and the teen lovers opened up about how much they fancied each other in the kitchen things got properly steamy.


What will Phil do if he finds out about Sharon’s been cheating with Keanu?

Unbeknown to anyone, Phil had confided in Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) over the phone the other night he was cutting his trip to Spain short to surprise his family by coming home today – and as the Albert Square patriarch paid the cabbie and smiled at the thought of being reunited with the clan viewers were left on tenterhooks as Keanu panicked and tried to break free of the handcuffs – was this be the soap’s dirtiest ‘doof-doof’ cliffhanger yet?

The story picks up on Friday 23 November as Sharon, Keanu, Louise and Keegan all frantically attempt to cover their tracks and stop Phil from finding out the sexy secrets simmering away since he left town.

Kat and Keanu caught by Phil on EastEnders?

Will his wife’s infidelity be exposed? Surely Phil would make mincemeat of his ex-employee if he knew he’d been sleeping with his missus. And what of Keegan? Could Keanu’s little brother feel the wrath of Walford’s most over-protective father?

Or will both couples manage to keep their raunchy romances under wraps for a little longer – maybe until Christmas at least…?


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