Kat kills a pensioner in moped collision on EastEnders?

The dramatic accident will be shown next week

Kat (Jessie Wallace) has an accident on EastEnders

Kat (Jessie Wallace) will cause a road accident on next week’s EastEnders when she hits an elderly man while out riding her moped – and ends up knocking herself unconscious!


The accident comes at the climax of a stressful day for Mrs Moon, who is already feeling the pressure of having to learn the Knowledge with the eventual aim of becoming a taxi driver. Searching for inspiration, she visits dad Charlie’s old cabbie tea hut, where she mets the retired Tony, who is soon reminiscing with Kat about working with her father.

But when the pair move on to a local pub that used to be an old haunt of Charlie’s, they meet up with another old friend, Maurice, whose negative attitude instantly puts Kat on her guard. And after Tony leaves, Kat ends up confronting Maurice, who drops a shocking bombshell that leaves her reeling.

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5818

EastEnders isn’t yet revealing what it is that Maurice says, but it’s enough to force a distraught Kat to make a sharp exit and ride back to the Square, which is where she’ll have her collision with the OAP pedestrian. Cliffhanger scenes to be shown on Monday 26 November will see Kat fall off her moped and black out, leaving viewers uncertain as to what her fate will be.

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5818

Thankfully, the crash will not prove to be serious – for Kat at least – seeing as, on Tuesday, she’s regained consciousness, only to be thrown into a panic when she realises that she’s hit someone. Unable to cope with the station, she drives off, but faces questioning from Hayley, who wants to know what happened. Kat, though, brushes it off as a scrape and storms off, leaving Hayley concerned.

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And it seems she has good cause to be worried, seeing as Kat is later to be found by Stacey and Hayley drinking in the E20. As ever, Kat is reluctant to listen to what her family say, but a reality check from Stacey eventually leads to her breaking down. By the week’s end, Jean will be the one to realise just how much Kat is hurting and missing her boys.

But just as Kat paints on a smile and readies herself to celebrate Hayley’s birthday, who should turn up at the door but Alfie. But will his unexpected arrival only make things worse for an already fragile Kat? And how will Alfie react should he come face to face with Hayley – and her daughter?

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